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2013-08-25 v0.99c Learning to Fly
  • New awards tool.
    Enter/update/merge/delete school awards. List award recipients.
    Award Reference key, Start/End dates, print on transcript flag.
    New Student/Staff/Contact award tab.
    Award public description and private comments.
    Award recipient publish date and private comments.
  • Simplified date/time ranges.
    Attendance entry.
    Special attendance dates.
    Room bookings.
    Added 'future dates' checkbox to attendance summary report.
  • School editor fixes.
    Remove delete button from school editor when the school is the local school.
    New 'University' school type.
    Fix school grade level updates defaulting to current school.

2013-08-15 v0.99b Learning to Fly
  • Fix dorm status not carried forward with student grade advancement.
  • New class wait lists.
    Schedule tool can reschedule students directly between over-filled classes to the wait listed classes.
    Wait list classes shown with schedule change comments on the student schedule tab.
    New 'wait list' tab on the class info page for over-filled classes.

2013-08-13 v0.99a Learning to Fly
  • New OSA_upgrade tool.
  • Update locker edit tool - default previous lock button.
  • SKLN updates for Sk Ed system changes.
    Added new tuiton codes (grandfathered Inter Division).
    Added new Resident Type.
    Delete references to tuition duration.
    New student group by Resident Type.
    New export data field Resident Type.
    Update Sep Statistical Report to include Resident Type.
    Fix table name sklnsstudentsnapshot -> sklnstudentsnapshot.
    New skln_upgrade tool to reset key codes.

2013-07-28 v0.99 Learning to Fly
  • New Common function stubs ModPreDump(), ModDump(), ModPostPost() and ModLoad().
  • New Stor_mysql functions ModDataInfo(), ModPreDump(), ModDumpPost(), ModLoad(), TableList(), DataDefinitionInfo(), PreloadInfo(), BuildPreloadFile(), TableColumnNames(), TableColumnTypes(), TableColumnKeyIndexes() and DataFormatedString().
  • New Dbm_mysql functions ModDataInfo() and MakeDbmPreload().
    New DbmDataDefinition config file format
    New DbmPreload data preload file format processed by ModInit to build preload tables.
  • New Lang_mysql functions ModDataInfo() and MakeLangBaseDefinition().
    New LangBaseDefinition language translation file format processed by ModInit to build language load tables.
  • Create definition files for all preloaded data.
  • Buildtables tool now looks for '.delete' file extensions and skips those table load files.
  • New Cache_file function List().
    New Session functions CacheList() and CacheListRaw().
  • New System tools datadump, dataload, makedbmpreload and makelangbasedefinition.
  • Enhanced master board auto-schedule tool with a step to balance over filled classes.
  • New option added to Student List email tool to select recipients by student relation.

2013-06-23 v0.98o Armstrong
  • Fix special attendance date edit bug defaulting to 'open attendance' in a 1 day cycle schedule.
  • Fix access control correctly handling multiple plus view options.
    Clean up and simplify context checking.
    Fix un-authorized page returning to wrong section.
  • Fix location city.
    Fix list resets page position after every edit.
    Fix city edit return from city usage list closes edit window.
    Fix broken region links not showing country name.
  • Fix attendance update not listing metaclass sub classes for students who aren't enrolled in the parent metaclass.
  • Fix attendance entry split class not finding students enrolled in metaclass subclasses but not the parent metaclass.
  • Add a date tag to schedule change comments.
  • Add effective/end dates to body relations.
  • Two new positions 'Financial Analyst' and 'Interim Finance Clerk'.
  • SKLN limit staff SKLN tab to staff with a 'Faculty' position (teachers).
  • Integrate ARDC plugin into main plugin list.

2013-06-05 v0.98n Armstrong
  • New reporting contact relation export field.
  • New student position displayed on student profile.
  • New student position/start/end export fields.
  • New student position group by.
  • New student course request group by.
  • New position 'Director of Finance and Administration (Interim)'.
  • Fix schedule editor cutoff dates not using the correct class scheduled semester.
  • Fix export not exporting faculty email addresses.
  • Fix single contact email address not picked up as default during password reset/new login.
  • Delete known duplicate name record when a name is updated.

2013-04-16 v0.98m Armstrong
  • New grade level effective/end dates added to schoolgradelevels table.
    Advanced option added to the school grade levels edit tool.
    New grade level choices: University Year 1 - University Year 6
  • New Fix Records menu item - Fix Duplicate Names.
    List bodies with the same name.
    Duplicate name details - related contacts.
    Option to allow duplicate.
    Option to merge duplicate.
  • New course request comments.
  • New job title "Finance Manager".
  • Display student start/end year in contact information
  • Fix City editor.
    Only do the work it needs to show (faster).
    Missing language translations for page markers (x to y of x).
    Add more text to page selector (second sort field).
  • Allow utf8 inflection characters in the city/region/country codes.
  • Fix add new contact to existing body (student/staff/contact).
    Use full contact entry form, including employer/occupation.
    Pre-fill address with the same address as the existing body.
    Default searchbox name (if entered) into new contact name.
  • Fix previous school entry new school button - don't clear text when tabbing to button.
  • Fix address entry new city/region button - don't clear text when tabbing to button.
  • Fix Dorm 'group by' to properly group pre-registered dorm students.
  • Intercept (disable) backspace key causing web browser back page behaviour.
  • Add new plugin include point in new body page for plugin included javascript.
  • Fix body name merge checking duplicate name results in a blank prompt.
  • Fix body merge reversing relationship (parent -> child).
  • Add Foster Parent/Child relation (again).
  • Fix attendance entry date selection missing selected date on the iPad.
  • Fix house/tag selection list not sorted according to display order.

2013-03-05 v0.98l Armstrong
  • New Foster Parent/Child relation.
  • Modify City editor to divide city list up into pages of 50 city records.

2013-03-03 v0.98k Armstrong
  • Simplify email job queue summary.
    Reduce 'Job Entries' columns to 'Failed' and 'Complete' only.
    New filter options on columns. Default job list filtered to 'todays' email jobs.
    New delete checkbox option.
  • Simplify student/staff/schedule/reportcard list email tools.
    Qualify email student list selection tool with 'Receives: Report Cards' and 'Receives: Absent Notices'.
    Default to 'announcement' type emails.
    Remove 2 step check email type prompt.
    Add new 'more tools' button on the email list (in place of email type prompt).
    Add 'Copy To' user preferences.
  • Extend email button to generated dorm reports.
  • Fix city name key generation bug where 'similar' consonant city names could get the same key.
  • Allow multiple email designations of the same type (for example two or more announcement email entries).
  • Highlight contact information 'do not contact' in red (with a warning icon).
  • New icon types for different student status.
    Display icon in name search.
  • Display plugin icon next to export data fields.

2013-02-20 v0.98j Armstrong
  • Fix course category edit dialogue doesn't close properly.
  • Fix password email reset won't allow ad hoc email entry.
  • Fix create new class definition creates duplicate record.
  • Automatically create a matching class record when a new course is created.
  • Added page leave check (refresh page, back button etc) to mark entry page.
  • Switch mark entry to automatically save marks as they are entered.
  • New 'Future Student' status - more will come with this later.
  • Adjust order of student status sorting (student list).
  • New House/Tag group editor.
    Add, delete, update House/Tag group definitions.
    Re-arrange House/Tag group display order.

2013-01-28 v0.98i Armstrong
  • New report period published flag.
    Marks entered for an unpublished report period don't automatically become the 'last recorded mark'.
    Unpublished report period marks don't appear in student progress or transcripts.
    Unpublished report cards can only be selected and viewed by those with access.
    Option to publish report period while printing report cards.
  • Added report period edit option to report card print.
  • Fix special attendance date times not displayed properly in student absent detail.
  • Fix teacher attendance entry.
    Allow 1 week session overlap (as per special attendance entry).
    Allow retro-active entry up to a week past end of course.
  • Stop message box auto focus in entry area (iPad auto keyboard), added new disappearing 'enter here' prompt instead.
  • Fix report card/schedule pdf print.
  • Fix new student sometimes defaulting to 'current' for the next school year (pre-registered skip).
  • Change email textarea inputs to use 'readonly' instead of blocking mouse clicks (so you can cut and paste contents).

2013-01-10 v0.98h Armstrong
  • Fix date range checking (special attendance date, room booking) to account for repeat type (daily, weekly).
  • Fix attendance/booking entry dates defaulting to 'current date' when not in current school year.
    Added warning message when entering new attendance dates outside of the current school year.
  • Fix special attendance dates not allowing advanced period times when 'all day' boxes are checked.

2013-01-07 v0.98g Armstrong
  • Display plugin widget icon next to access config items.
  • New SKLN access granularity.
    Separate view to certification, employment percentage, and pay class information.
    Separate update access to certification, employment percentage, and pay class information.
  • Qualify date entry ranges (attendance entry, special attendance dates, booking dates, etc).
    New repeat options: 'repeat daily' (default), 'repeat weekly' and 'span entire date range'.
    Check for start/end times overlapping.
    Roll html/javascript into a common template for all uses.

2013-01-06 v0.98f Armstrong
  • Fix transcript page losing student list mode.
  • Added prev/next buttons to transcript page.
  • Catch a broken session and automatically expire it.
  • Fix login initial default school year to the current school year if it's still in session.
  • New positions: Interim Chief Financial Officer, Building Operator and Housekeeping Supervisor.
  • Add publish_datetime field to schedreportperiod table (prepare for published report period flag).

2012-12-05 v0.98e Armstrong
  • New Room Booking Schedules.
    Assign Room Co-ordinators.
    Enter/edit room booking dates and times.
    Room booking date calendars.
  • New Advanced attendance exception dates.
    Schedule attendance exception or non-attendance times.
    Setup alternate schedule times.
    Limit attendance exception by grade levels.
    Display schedule day cycle and session in attendance update tools.
    Display attendance errors (entries outside of scheduled attendance times).
    Fix attendance error records (created by entering an attendance date range, or new special attendance).
    Fix email attendance notice formatting for special attendance days (start time = MIN_TIME).
  • New iPad webapp mode.
    Detect running from iPad.
    Display 'Add to screen' bubble.
    New OSA webapp icon.
    Detect webapp mode and adjust links dynamically to preserve mode.
    Minor fixes to layout.
  • Fix cache rename (CacheHandleTmpKeep).
  • Fix SKLN.
    Clearing class enrolment errors.
    Not clearing 'magically appeared' warnings.
    Using wrong body id when checking for cached results.
    Not displaying previous province in student report enrolment tab.
  • Adjust attendance summary report to not count dropped classes - same as individual student attendance.
  • Replace download/export hard coded field group with database tables.
    Simplify plugin download/exports interface (plugins load fields in tables now instead of adding code).
    Move SIRS download/export formats into SIRS plug-in and out of main code.
    Replace download/export spreadsheet format 'faked' text file with a proper xls formatted file.
  • Fix comment field edits where special characters are involved (<>& etc).
  • Fix message log filters selecting user names.
  • Fix alerts.js to handle multiple overlapping alerts.
  • New 'dorms_copy_report' batch tool to copy dorm reports from one report period to another.

2012-09-11 v0.98d Armstrong
  • Email.
    New additional attachments option for announcements, schedules, report cards and absent emails.
    New 'EmailTestAddr' configuration option (override email address for testing).
    Fix Announcement recipients reference broken "hello Mr. Smith".
  • Fix enrolment exports didn't include discretionary marks.
  • Better sorting of numeric values in data exports.
  • New export data fields 'Student Email', 'Faculty Email', 'Class Course Credit', 'Class Course Grade Level' and 'Enrolled Credit'.
  • New SKLN export data fields 'Course SKLN Department Code' and 'Course SKLN Name'.

2012-09-09 v0.98c Armstrong
  • New Student Report Cards Email tool.
  • New Faculty Schedules Report (like students, only for Faculty).
    Bulk generate Faculty schedules - skip empty schedules.
    Create mailing labels.
    Email schedules.
  • Make the 'absent email' selection (student list) less particular - default email is OK.
  • Make message send buttons visible but disabled.
  • Fix edit contact broken when relations have contact comments.
  • SKLN.
    Fix inter-division school affiliation transmissions to Sk Ed (which, 'surprise', doesn't work they way it's documented).
    Revised wording of SKLN information access items to make clear which controls view, and which controls edit.
    Added another level of access to both student/staff SKLN access controls to allow seeing the Sk Ed number (learning or certificate) without opening access to the reset of the student/staff SKLN info.

2012-09-05 v0.98b Armstrong
  • New Email absent notices button on Absent Reason Unknown report.
    Formatted absent notices - student name date, period, time class.
    Automatic updating of Guardian sent notification.
    Check for duplicate email addresses.
  • Revised default email templates to include school Telephone contact information.
  • New attendance type (Absent/Late/All) filter on Absent Reason Unknown report.
  • Optimize Attendance Reason Unknown report.
    New indexes on schedabsent table.
    Limit query to current school year.
  • Fix schedule day_order starting at 0 when it should match the day code.
  • Fix attendance entry.
    Don't include a yesterday slot on the first day of class.
    Don't show a date selector if there's only one date to select.
  • Fix handling of text marks (SG).
  • SKLN fix award calculations to ignore text marks (SG, Pass/Fail).
  • Fix grade entry comment entry box extends past page width.
  • Fix Aqualung EscapeURL() and UnEscapeURL() functions to handle UTF8 properly.

2012-09-03 v0.98a Armstrong
  • Fix dorm room delete removes student dorm status.
  • Fix dorm previous usage list not showing school year.
  • Upgrade Moodle plugin to fit Moodle 2.3.
    Changed user image file storage.
    Check/Update additional course enrolment tables
    Default Categories to not visible so students can't see other students courses.
    Set course to visible only after school year start date.

2012-08-30 v0.98 Armstrong (2012-08-25)
  • Fix page refresh function not forcing a page reload - added a time stamp.
  • Fix contact telephone number edit formatting.
  • Fix new student/contact/staff server error.
  • Fix body_edit AJAX default values (can't save dorm assignment changes).
  • Fix student schedule editor tripping on schedule comments extra line end.
  • Fix student schedules report past school years not accounting correctly.
  • Fix gone but active report not handling pre-registered, Delayed, Waitlist.
  • Fix missing final report not handling pre-registered, Delayed, Waitlist.
  • Fix photo edit duplicating unscheduled school years.
  • Fix term end report getting caught up in multiple unscheduled school years.
  • Fix room name edit.
    Fix room name change not saving.
    Fix room name changes not clearing schedule year caches (room/faculty schedues).
  • Remove class download option when there are no students in the class.
  • Update schedules report - check 'EVERY' and 'ANY' selections the same as report cards.
  • EMAIL plugin
    New EMAIL usage indicators (EMAIL icon) next to email addresses.
    New integration of email contact editing tool with EMAIL plugin.
    New EMAIL configuration page - edit default reply to, from address, time zone, footer and bcc.
    Display EMAIL default message templates - future configuration item.
    New EMAIL tool student/faculty lists.
    Select individual OSA bodies from selected lists.
    List login accounts.
    List Reporting Contacts, Absent Contacts, Primary and Alternate Contacts.
    Auto assign email addresses from contact information.
    Send Bulk emails, password resets, new accounts.
    New EMAIL queue manager.
    Start/Hold/Release/Cancel/View, Delete email job lists.
    View/Send/cancel individual email entries.
    New Email schedules tool (Schedules Report).
    catch school name changes.
    Fix access permissions - missing 'NEW' access codes.
    Re-word default new account template.
  • Search student contacts for additional email address selections.
  • SKLN.
    Update Sk Ed interface specifications - new XML message headers, new SDS system website address.
    Update Teachers Report to gracefully degrade when the qualification type doesn't fit the round hole.
    New 'withhold student marks' edit option to student SKLN info - untested!
    Fix edit staff not closing dialogue properly.
    Fix course mapping split non-reported from un-mapped.
    Fix student edits for Sask Resident status and tuition codes - Flag inconsistencies.
    Convert Division codes to accurate Sk Ed Division IDs.
    Adjust SK Ed enrolment code to report inter-division division code - new SDS changes.
    Expand enrolment history tab to show new data fields - new SDS changes.
    Make Sep Statistical Report student lists select lists.
    Update student/staff info edit dialogue layout to match current style.

2012-08-12 v0.97a Curiosity
  • Fix contact telephone number edit formatting.
  • New email usage indicators (email icon) next to email addresses.
  • New integration of email contact editing tool with email plugin.
  • New email configuration page - edit default reply to, from address, time zone, footer and bcc.
  • New 'new account' button - create a login account and email a password reset.

2012-08-05 v0.97 Curiosity
  • New Email plugin! - very rough, may or may not contain some of the following yet.
    Configure SMTP settings.
    Log emails, sent time, by, to, status.
    Store templates for standard email formats (password reset, absent notice, etc).
    Easy password reset buttons.
  • New 'staged' scheduled year status.
    Half way between 'unscheduled' and 'scheduled' - there can only be one staged school year.
    Out of the box, teachers can see schedules, but not student enrolment (no new access for students).
    The 'staged' school year automatically becomes the default login school year - no special highlighting.
  • New 'switch address' links on contact edit page - switch current address to any related contact address.
  • Fix student status changes writing over previous student status history.
  • Fix Class Schedule Tool
    New check for used class rooms
    Highlight other room selections that conflict with the scheduled blocks.
    Mark conflicting room blocks with a warning icon.
    New check for used teacher schedules
    Highlight other teacher selections that conflict with the scheduled blocks.
    Mark conflicting teacher blocks with a teacher icon.
    Take into account teacher's position start/end dates with respect to the schedule year start/end dates.
  • Fix student schedule Tool.
    Keep session/block lock settings for duration of student edit.
    Pre-Freeze reference cache values - drastically speed up page response.
    Limit selection of new contact relations to avoid repeated custodian (foreign exchange) listings.
  • Fix auto schedule not checking schedule groups for conflicts.
  • Fix conversion tripping up on \' in language text fields (finally, an end to Fort Qu\'Appelle).
  • Fix Occupation/Employer request search box drop downs extending past dialog box.
  • Fix student/faculty list page browser scrolls back to top of page when selecting groups.
  • Fix SKLN 'Mark update pending in the SDS system' message not getting cleared.
  • Fix SKLN course enrolment check getting snagged on course sent records no longer current.
  • Fix SKLN import summer school ‘invalid import key’.
  • Increase width of messages summary box and limit Height with scroll bars so it doesn't roll off the page.
  • Fix modal boxes starting with wrong vertical offset when the box contains menu tabs.
  • Fix Gone but Active class enrolment report tripping up on audit classes.
  • Allow quote character in contact method values (email addresses).
  • Fix SIRS conversion bug - student course credit update.
  • Modify conversion to use proper file handles (Aqualung file handles with locking).
  • Fixed Stor_file rename function.
  • New conversion tool 'purge_audit' - strip 'unaffecting' audit records from the audit file.
  • Move 'gen_audit' tool into system standard tools.
  • New option '--cachebuilderrors' for init tool.
  • New option '--cachebuilderrors' for buildtables tool.

2012-07-22 v0.96a It's the Humidity
  • Fix delete a scheduled class now deletes it from schedule groups.
  • Fix preload classes (new schedule year).
    Copy schedule groups too.
    Default the correct class session.
    Initialize blockslot records.
    Calculate the correct session key for multi-session classes and metaclasses (the dreaded auto corrected message).
  • Fix schedule group edit.
    Don't compare the label to itself and flag as duplicate.
    Remove previously selected classes from the class search list.
  • Fix Auto Schedule.
    Don't include wait listed students.
    Handle schedule groups.
    Added comments indicating that existing student schedules won't be changed.
    Check course gender restrictions and flag accordingly.
  • Fix student course requests
    Check all schedgroups for match.
    Flag requests with no gender match.
    Remove courses with no gender match from selection list.
  • Fix course request report.
    Show scheduled student classes for shedgroups.
  • Fix student schedule tool.
    Course group requests are displayed correctly when scheduled (2 or more shedgroups).
    Course group classes don't conflict when double booked.
    Tighten up group class selection - one for all and all for one.
    Handle schedule groups in Auto fix process.
    Automatically add log of changes to schedule comments.
  • SKLN fix spelling of Governor General's Academic Bronze Medal.
  • SKLN remove debugging alert from course mapping tool.

2012-07-18 v0.96 It's the Humidity
  • New schedule groups tool.
    Create/edit/delete schedule groups.
    Link to course code (student course requests).
  • Update student schedule tool.
    Recognize schedule group relations.
    New schedule comments tab.
    Optimize code - more time spent on first load so course change refreshes return faster.
    Fix negative seat counts showing as positive values.
  • Added check for schedule group assignment to course edit.
  • New student status - 'Wait Listed'.
  • Added background timer to grade entry page to refresh (keep alive) the OSA session every 10 minutes so grade entry never times out.
  • Fix grade entry mark/comment tab getting stuck on a single entry.
  • Count discretionary marks as entered in grade entry report.
  • Fix body edit crashes if there is no scheduled school year for the student.
  • Fix metaclass merge copying up report period mappings (merging marks) incorrectly.
  • Fix student link from class marks tab doesn't group students by class (prv/nxt buttons).
  • Fix Attendance date exceptions wouldn't allow adding dates to the next school year.
  • Fix Attendance date exceptions initial default date limited school year window.
  • SKLN new Governor General's Academic Bronze Medal award calculation.
  • SKLN Fix country code required error for transfer from out of province student.
  • SKLN Fix school/enrol validation slipping into next school year grade levels.
  • SKLN Change school enrolment report wording to include 'and mark updates'.
  • SKLN make course validation/enrolment sensitive to class type changes (class type non-reported).
  • SKLN upgrade course mapping tool.
    Switch to tabs instead of click show/hide
    Allow additional mappings for the same course.
    Check Date overlap in mapping edit.
    Allow adding 'non-reported' mapping dates.

2012-06-21 v0.95a Fahrenheit 451
  • New Course Requests report.
  • Fix course request timestamps getting reset by conversion audit load.
  • Classinfo page updates.
    Added course category information.
    Added metaclass info to metaclass sub classes.
    Split/Merge student meta class enrolments.
  • Don't list classes with no students in the main schedule.
  • Fix transfer class edit template exam type.
  • Fix student progress displaying (and counting credits for) meta class sub classes.
  • Fix instructor name listed twice in metaclass schedule.
  • Show students who are enrolled in a metaclass separately from students who have split from a metaclass.
  • Fix transcripts not showing courses with no grade level (grade not applicable).
  • Fix student export not defaulting to last format used (ignoring saved preferences).
  • Fix student export so pre/delayed registration student school year is defaulted to year of registration.
  • Finish student list pop ups in the masterboard and class schedule tool.
  • Don't count dropped students in masterboard student counts.
  • Added link from attendance 'Reason Unknown' report to 'Attendance Notes' report if there are any existing attendance notes.
  • SKLN New 'Govt Awards' menu item - General Proficiency Awards calculation.
    Display award requirements.
    List eligible students in order of award grade average.
    Show individual student award calculation break down.
  • SKLN Fix Exchange student validation asking for previous country or province when neither are required.
  • SKLN Fix student course history transfer class verifying school code, not transfer school code.
  • SKLN Fix student course history exam type using numeric comparison (instead of code comparison).
  • SKLN Fix student change exam type using wrong course end date.

2012-06-07 v0.95 Fahrenheit 451
  • New grade average report - same average calculation as used on student progress/report cards.
  • New 'Student Grade Average' export field and 'Student Grade Average' default extract format.
  • New course edit tool.
    List all courses (sort by columns).
    Show/hide non-school courses and discontinued (expired) courses.
    Highlight duplicate course codes.
    Edit course - list classes assigned to course, show plugin references (SKLN mapping).
    Delete un-used courses (delete un-used course requests).
    Discontinue courses not used recently.
  • New class edit tool.
    List all classes (sort by columns).
    Show/hide non-school classes and discontinued (expired) classes.
    Highlight duplicate classes - merge option.
    Edit class - list scheduled uses, metaclas sub/parents.
    Delete un-used classes.
    Discontinue classes not used recently.
  • Removed experimental course creation tool from masterboard.
  • New course category tool.
    Create/edit/delete categories.
    Merge existing categories together.
    Change category display order.
  • New class exam type tool.
    List all exam types.
    Create/edit/delete exam types - list scheduled class uses.
    Merge existing exam types together.
    Plugin hook (SKLN equivalent exam type).
    Delete un-used exam types.
  • New selecting students from a class list automatically uses class enrolment list for next/prev student navigation.
  • New Student schedule option to 'split' metaclass enrolment into individual subclass enrolments.
  • Fix Scheduling a meta class now automatically copies up (merges) data (attendance, marks, status) from sub classes.
  • New options 'escape' and 'escapeHTML' added to catcodeTXT and catcodeABRV template functions.
  • Update LangPluralRef session method to strip trailing punctuation before applying plural adjustments.
  • Changed default utf8 collation from default 'utf8_general_ci' to 'utf8_bin' where exact column matching is required.
  • Fix language conversion functions mushing up on mixed case keys and values.
  • Fix conversion creating mixed case language code keys.
  • Fix unscheduled school year classes displaying in student progress.
  • Fix grade advancement grade order and next grade reversed.
  • Fix new schoolyear schedule term sort order not adjusted when terms are created or start/end dates are changed.
  • Fix don't show class schedule tab if the class has no schedule (transfer courses).
  • Fix student progress transfer classes.
    Sort classes by descending year.
    Display year and session abbreviation.
  • Fix withdrawing student.
    Check current school year for current class year enrolments (not next school year)
    Delete next year school enrolment record if the student has no current/previous school year.
  • AutoFix metaclass sessions when they don't match sub class schedules.
  • Added reply_to_msg_id column to messages table.
  • SKLN - Fix SKLN Course List refresh.
    Separate SKLN course edit code from regular SKLN student/school code.
    Ping SDS system before attempting fetch of course list information.
    Auto correct invalid utf8 course name strings.
    Purge un-used coursename codes.
  • SKLN
    Import transfer mark ignore unscheduled school years.
    Fix Enrolment History tab sort schools in order of entry dates (current to previous).
    Make Enrolment Code a required field (both on new student entry and student SKLN edits).
    Change group by 'Tuition Status' to 'Tuition Code' to match wording on student/edit pages.
  • Conversion
    Fix OSA message timestamps getting reset - substitute 'NOW()' with log date-time.
    Fix new student record insert date getting reset - substitute 'CURDATE()' with log date.
    Convert credit field from courseclass table to course table.
    Convert coursecat_id field into crscat_code - redefine coursecat table to use crscat_code as key.
    Convert classexam_id field into clsexdep_code - redefine courseclassexam to use clsexdep_code as key.

2012-05-09 v0.94 Beat Crazy
  • New OSA instant messages! Amaze your friends :)
  • New attendance note. Teachers can send a note to the office when students show up when they aren't expected.
  • New attendance note report.
  • New access control on student progress class averages.
  • Fix menutab layout sometimes initializes to wrong width (Safari Chrome).
  • Fix pressing 'enter' in a text input box would cause the web browser to submit the form (or click the first button).
  • Fix new students not getting assigned a school year.
  • Fix locker assignment year selection, don't display duplicate school years (multiple schedyears).
  • Fix Reason Unknown attendance report, don't display future dated absent records.
  • Change the schedule tab message to identify if a schedule is missing because the schedule is incomplete, or if there are no classes to schedule.
  • Added grade and instructor columns to the failing marks report.
  • Highlight marks not counted for average with an exclamation (!) before the recorded mark instead of disabled (grey) text.
  • Highlight incomplete classes with warning text colour.
  • Student progress tab repeated grade levels, now split into separate grade groups (with school year shown beside grade level).
  • SKLN
    FIX Standing Granted not being abbreviated (and then not matching Sk Ed records).
    Display previous country on student SKLN info tab if the tuition type is FT or the enrolment code is 10 (transfer from out of country) or 50 (exchange student).
  • Dorms
    Fix dorm assignment year selection included duplicate school years (multiple schedyears).
    Fix dorm attendance report, don't display future dated absent records.
    Show report layout evaluation scale description options, default evaluation or not.

2012-05-02 v0.93c Cottontail
  • New grade advancement option on master board "School Year Schedules" to promote students into the new school year.
  • New report failing class marks.
  • New room info page - schedule print HTML and PDF.
  • Limit student transcript year selection to student's last school year.
  • Limit student transcript classes to scheduled years.
  • Fix student schedule 'autofix' getting stuck on a wait prompt.
  • Fix prev/next buttons don't appear for users without export access (teachers).
  • Fix error in room edit.
  • Fix PDF report file names - remove spaces and add '.pdf' extension.
  • Changed references to 'house' to include 'tag' or 'tag group'.
  • Convert location record key from auto-increment to pre-determined.
    New gender filter.
    New attendance type filter (late/absent).
    New 'hide excused attendance' option.
    Speed up search query.
    Allow more space in the right margin of the attendance date print.
  • SKLN
    Fix September Statistical report limiting displayed year, but not passing year id to grades grouping.
    Fix student data validation displaying wrong grade level code (more '9'/'09' shenanigans).
    Fix student data validation including future school years (next year's schedule).
    Remove option to enrol students with Sk Ed unless they are 'current' status.
    Limit student data validation year selection to student's last school year.

2012-04-25 v0.93b Cottontail
  • New 'switch to user' feature for admin access.
  • Fix javascript modal alert not clearing in all situations (gone out of scope).
  • Fix year selector not working for users without access to unscheduled school years.
  • Fix student schedule editor using school year id, not scheduled year id.
  • Fix schedule class editor broken mark scale selector.
  • Fix batch report cards broken report period key (NA marks).
  • Fix Report cards using wrong report period labels for course entries.
  • Fix crashing on bad data when a contact body record is improperly created (record doesn't exist).
  • Fix first student lookup after login uses wrong id.
  • Optimize student info to reduce lookup time (approx 40% faster).
  • Adjust locker assignment alternating record colour to alternate on the room records not the student records.
  • Dorm room assignments updates
    Fix room occupancy counts not taking into account students leaving mid school year.
    Use disabled colour to highligh students who have already departed for the school year (don't count for occupancy).
    Adjust alternating record colour to alternate on the room records not the student records.
  • New Aqualung v0.22 Super Fly
    New config value 'ExpireToken'.
    New functions NewSessionToken and SessionTokenClear - create time extended logged in sessions.
    New cookie key SWITCH_SESSID and session value. Switch between two sessions.
    Logout page updated - conditional previous session button added.
    Session Expired page updated - conditional previous session button added.
    Resetpassword page update - no return button if there's no return section.
    Fix wrong session id parameter passed on image/download dumps (maybe cause for blank images)

2012-04-17 v0.93a Cottontail
  • Adjust report card layout - Add report period mark average, Spit student number from name (to make more room for long names), pretty up the report date.
  • Student Report Cards.
    Extend grouping keys to report card page so that viewing a student report card doesn't drop the current student selection list.
    Added prev/next buttons to report card page.
    Adjust report card print buttons to be drop downs if there's more than one reporting contact.
    Drop condition that student grade level must match previous student grade level to default last viewed report period.
  • Dorm Reports - same as Student Report Cards above.

2012-04-15 v0.93 Cottontail
  • New dorm student reports.
    Individual dorm student report cards.
    Multiple dorm report layouts, different layouts for different report periods.
    Configurable dorm report layout tool - report categories, show/placement - attendance/evaluation descriptions, etc.
    Report period tool - assign layouts to reporting periods.
    Dorm Report Entry tool - enter student evaluations, mark reports complete, published.
    Dorm Report print tool - select by grade, gender, status of report completeness.
    Integration with regular student report cards - optional attach dorm reports to student report prints.
    Studentinfo dorm report display of completed and published reports - HTML/PDF print options.
  • Standardize PDF report font sizes, match HTML print font sizes more closely (comment wrapping).
  • Fix access control sorting by section name, not section label.
  • Fix 'other school' edit not picking up city/region/country codes for incomplete school entries (SKLN added).
  • Fix 'other school' edit save skipping updates when original school entry is incomplete.
  • Fix only show 'co-located' contact names in the report card address if they aren't also flagged to receive report cards.
  • Fix conversion skipping audit log updates to school information.
    Allow Chrome without warnings.
  • SKLN updates
    Added 'custodian agreement pending' as a tuition type for new students.
    Automatic update of 'equivalent to Sask Res' flag if student data doesn't match circumstances.
    Automatic update of 'equivalent to Sask Res' when contact relation/priority/address changes.
    Fix course history sort order when transfer classes have no course end date.
    New course adjust tool to import summer session mark changes.

2012-03-27 v0.92b Eochai
  • New Occupation/Employer field.
    Anybody can have occupation/employer information (contacts, staff, students).
    Multiple occupation/employer records per person, with comments.
    Downloadable reporting contact fields.
    Available for entry on new contacts.
  • Fix new body requester, again, always returns to last entry.
  • Fix location edit using old table versions (other school edits).
  • Fix modal windows resetting window scroll position.
  • Fix modal window refresh resetting user drag position.
  • Added 'please wait' blocking prompt to student schedule editor refreshes.
  • Changed the word of select ALL/ANY on report card tool to be more clear.
  • Added edits and prompts to ensure that report card group item selections don't conflict.
  • SKLN fixes.
    Add SKLN tuition info and edits to new student entry.
    Enable/disable submit button on school validation/enrolment reports based on selected groups.
    Check if SDS system is up (valid Sask Ed account) before submitting school validation/enrolment reports.
    Added 'check' buttons to the Change Login page so saved account settings can be tested.

2012-03-22 v0.92a Eochai
  • New mailing list tool on student/staff lists.
  • Fix new student status change didn't allow current date.
  • Fix can't exit from new body requester.
  • Fix SKLN query wrong parameter count.
  • Fix SKLN can't resend mark update for blended class marks.

2012-03-20 v0.92 Eochai - he was a good dog...
  • New Create School Year Schedule Tool.
    Create a new blank schedule or copy an existing schedule.
    Options to copy existing schedule - copy classes, instructors, rooms, and class schedules.
    Delete unscheduled school year schedules.
    Delete Empty school years.
  • New Report Period Tool (masterboard school year schedules).
    Create/Edit/Delete Reporting periods.
    Change report period labels, create new report period labels.
    Change session alternate report period labels.
  • Update Report Period Comments Tool.
    Remove 'page' save/undo flow.
    Remove update options start/end dates.
    Instant update cutoff date.
    Instant update report period comments, with save cancel buttons.
  • New show/hide photo icon on teacher attendance entry.
    Hide photo will use missing photo image which the browser can cache for quicker attendance page load times.
    Show/hide photo settings are saved with user preferences.
  • Fix session save data not being properly utf encoded.
  • Fix locker assignment name search when search string is in the format 'first last'.
  • Fix dorm assignment name search when search string is in the format 'first last'.
  • Limit attendance summary to current date.
  • Fix broken quoting in contact value (apostrophe in email).
  • Adjust non-current school year background image so it shows on grey (monotone) themes.
  • Fix classes with no category assigned not listed in courselist.
  • Re-structure reporting period tables (4 tables reduced to 2) for easier use.
  • Fix preload classes tool.
    Account for mulitple class instructors.
    Copy meta class schedules.
    Assign correct session (term) id.
    Create missing blockslots (correct class block count).
  • Fix javascript alert/modal functions not cleaning up mouse move/down/up/out events when the alert closes.
  • Fix date/time javascript boxes to allow '59' for a minute setting (23:59 maximum time).
  • Update date/time requester to display a more obvious 'save' button when only the time portion is adjusted.
  • Update student/staff/contact profile pages to display country of citizenship.
  • Conversion Fixes.
    Restructure CONVERSION plugin to better separate conversion data from rest of OSA.
    Fix Conversion dropping langtext inserts (new school/class names).
    Better fuzzy matching of school names.
    Fix school codes/names getting dropped.
    Expanded dumpbase to dump full school records (location and grade levels).
    Fix for change of report period structure, audit logic to convert old records to new format.
  • SKLN fixes.
    Fix more bugs with '09' -> '9' grade mapping between systems.
    Don't allow error report click if there are no errors found.
    Fix school (dorm) address not getting line1/line2 in the address format.
    Automatically delete references to non-existing classes (deleted from master board) when found.
    Automatically adjust course end dates when found to have changed.
    Fix delete course mapping.
    Fix student report not using same enrolment status logic as enrolment report.
    Fix 'unknown' course records being deleted from student enrolment errors after being created.
    Fix delete unknown course errors not showing in course line title.
    Auto update the course exam date from Sk Ed system.
    Auto-correct course tracking record start/end dates.
    Allow 15 minute 'waiting' period after posting mark updates for the SDS system to update.
    Fix manual mark resend wasn't sending mark update.

2012-01-24 v0.91b The Fires of Mordor
  • Fix dialogue box mouse move/drag feature blocking search bar scroll buttons.
  • Fix class edit tool broken instructor search box.
  • Fix report card and transcript access not working in owner context (no student access to their report cards).
  • Fix context access not reset until section changes.
  • Fix Locker assignments.
    Sort matching locker search results more appropriately.
    Don't count withdrawn/history students as currently assigned to lockers.
    Allow multiple assignments to the same locker (with confirmation).
  • Fix Locker assignments report.
    Fix dorm plugin handling of multiple students assigned to the same locker.
    Fix body type referenced to the wrong date range (students who become staff).

2012-01-09 v0.91 The Fires of Mordor
  • Fix contact information (email, work number, etc) not being displayed if there's no address.
  • Fix don't show student schedule/attendance tabs if the student has no school years.
  • Fix attendance report periods not sorted by start time first.
  • Fix school name merge error not updating student previous school records.
  • Fix dorm plugin missing templates for locker assignment report.
  • Fix pre-data years (conversion) schoolyear config crashing on missing day cycle info.
  • Fix SKLN.
    Strip '&' from addresses. There's just no safe way to send this character to Sk Ed.
    Use course exam date not course end date for blended class enrolments.
    Check for change in course type or exam date and update accordingly.
  • New 'Delayed Admission' student status.
  • New 'delete_schoolcode' and 'merge_schoolcode' batch tools to clean up school edit bugs.

2011-12-11 v0.90b tweetle beetle puddle paddle battle
  • New report card mailing labels.
    Generated progress reports now include a button to download a PDF formatted for label printing.
    Label format is completely configurable, margins, rows, columns, alignment within label, font size.
  • New report schedules mailing labels.
    Generated schedule reports now include a button to download a PDF formatted for label printing.
    Generated schedule reports now print the reporting contact name and address (same as report cards) under the schedule.
    Label format is completely configurable (see report card mailing labels).
  • Allow deleting past report card and schedule report runs.
  • Increase private attendance comments from 512 to 4096 characters.
  • Display a zero instead of a blank for student report card absent/lates.
  • Fix attendance update private comments box jumping scroll window.
  • Fix attendance edit shows all private comments, not just comments for the selected attendance date.
  • Fix attendance private comments getting cut off at the first ':' character.
  • Fix attendance update from attendance summary report details.
  • Fix teacher attendance entry not saving selected date (always saving to current date).
  • Fix meta class split/merge and block schedule edit - multiple blocks, multiple instructors.
  • Fix meta class attendance - record attendance for sub classes, not meta class.
    Fix student attendance tab not showing/counting/summarizing meta class attendance correctly.
    Fix student report card meta class attendance counts don't match student attendance tab.
    Fix attendance update to apply updates to sub classes not meta classes.
    Fix attendance entry to create new records under sub classes not the parent meta class.
  • Fix attendance split class grouping to take into account teacher, day, period.
  • Adjust attendance entry/update buttons to match layout of other dialogue boxes (bottom center).
  • Add 'lock' icon next to attendance status on teacher attendance entry to identify records that can't be changed (by the teacher).
  • Fix 'contact' birthdate edit (display full birthdate).
  • Fix missing rooms formatted as 'Rm:', display as 'not available' instead.

2011-11-16 v0.90 tweetle beetle puddle paddle battle
  • New Meta class information (sub classes) added to classinfo page.
    Edit tool to change report period mark assignments (if access).
    Show link to show report period mark assignments (if no access).
  • Fix Metaclass reporting periods and mark entry.
  • Fix Mark Entry Status report double reporting meta course sub classes.
  • Fix class edit not setting correct session id.
    Added auto-correct when a class is found with a mis-matched session.
  • SKLN adjust student enrolment to send 'equivalent to Sask Resident' (exchange students, custodian agreement) as SaskResident = 'yes'.
  • Fix looping failed login count down when system errors occur.
  • Fix attendance allowing teacher current date attendance entry for non-cycle days.
  • Change download field 'reporting contact' to include 'co-located' contacts, same as report cards.
  • Fix default name edit title confused with actual stored name title when gender has been changed.
  • Finish implementing config options IfBrowsersWarn, IfBrowsersWarnMsg, IfNotBrowsersWarn, IfNotBrowsersWarnMsg
    Allow but Warn about Chrome.
    Allow but Warn about IE.
  • Clean up download dialogue - wider field boxes, less white space, fix scrollbars in Safari/Chrome.
  • Fix dialogue boxes in general, scrollbars and menu tab resizing - Safari/Chrome/Firefox.
  • Fix cookie doesn't expire fast enough bug (logout, OSA crash).
  • Fix relative URL generated links to be more compatible with IE.
  • Move schedule edit return/save/cancel/ buttons to the bottom of the dialogue box, styled like normal buttons.

2011-10-19 v0.89j Bow ties are Cool!
  • New 'Other Schools' configuration menu item (was 'All Schools' sub menu item).
  • New 'School Configuration' configuration menu item (was a non-working 'This School' sub menu item).
    Clean up and enhance School profile tab.
    New mark Calc/Avg/Inclusion tabs:
    Class enrolment (current, audit, etc) vs grade scale type (0-100%, pass/fail, etc) matrix.
    Class average calculation matrix edit tool.
    Student Grade average calculation matrix edit tool.
    Include in report cards matrix edit tool.
    Include in transcripts matrix edit tool.
  • New School Rooms tool.
    Add/Remove school (class)rooms.
    Update name/no and capacity/overflow counts.
    Add/Remove school room groups.
  • New teacher attendance 'stealth' mode.
    Show/Hide attendance reason (action link attached to the student count).
  • Change teacher attendance action links to form widgets (buttons).
    Date selector expanded to 8 weeks of prior attendance dates.
    Limit attendance dates to start and end of the class.
  • Fix school grade configuration updates not fixing grade display sort order.
  • Fix attendance not catching class attendance entries for days the class is not scheduled (class schedule was changed).
  • Fix student status change drop class dialogue broken (from mark entry comment changes).
  • Fix school information edit displaying 'School Type' and 'Instrn Lang' as changing when they aren't.
  • Fix progress reports (Report Cards) not using schoolmark_count_enroll_matrix table to decide which classes (audit) to display.
  • Fix room name not showing on house info page.
  • Fix default country settings (show country name, show region name) not being used.

2011-10-10 v0.89i Bow ties are Cool!
  • New Day cycle - Day Display Groups editor.
    Add/Remove Days in cycle.
    Add/Remove Day Display Groups, set default (no) display group.
  • Update 'Edit School Year Schedules' Layout - switch to tab layout view of different schedule parts.
  • Update User Access Layout - break Nav groups into separate edit groups.
  • Make menutab.js modal aware - re-size modal window when tabs change.
  • Fix address edit postal/telephone masks defaulted to school country, not address country.
  • Fix Room Schedules.
    Fix room sort order.
    Fix missing room label.
    Fix room use mixing the selected session.
  • Fix loadphotos tool.
    Don't open student index file in utf8 mode (it contains invalid utf8 codes).
    Fix file handle variable re-defined.
  • Fix only default days group being selected for display.

2011-10-03 v0.89h Bow ties are Cool!
  • Added principal, vp and registrar views to list of access require to change marks (corrections).
  • Fix student schedule editor tab layout. (tab spacing and size)
  • Fix Grade entry combined current/alumni names weren't sorted.
  • Fix Alternate marking scale (A-F for example) mark entry.
  • Fix SG (Standing Granted) marking scale mark entry.
  • New grade entry comments alternate entry box size.
    Clicking the comments column label alternates between single line mark comments and multi-line mark comments.
    The choice of large/small comments is saved with user preferences, so grade entry comments stay the way you left it.

2011-10-02 v0.89g Bow ties are Cool!
  • New option ValidateRemoteID added to Modules::Sess::Sess_mysql (default yes).
    Don't display Remote IP address on the login prompt if this is set to no.
  • New Transfer class edit tool (could only delete before).
    Change school name, exam type, marking scale, course end date, school year, session and comments.
  • Fix multi-session split classes combining out of session classes in attendance page.
  • Fix student schedule tool switching duplicate classes.
  • Fix position edit selection empty if the existing position code is blank.
  • Fix conversion not setting up Standing Granted as a mark option.
  • Fix Standing Granted marks not formatted (SG) in Transfer Classes report.
  • Increase mark entry comments to 510 chars.
  • Adjusted attendance page layout for small classes (less than 2 rows of students).
  • Remove attendance tab from transfer classes.
  • Formatting enhancements to SKLN September Statistical Report student data.
    Column alignment.
    Highlight students missing tuition status.
    Highlight modification date greater than sent date (stale data).
    Clear sent date/response if the send date is less than the school year start date (old data).
    Abbreviate the response if it's more than 30 chars (full response text when you mouse over the data).

2011-09-27 v0.89f Bow ties are Cool!
  • Fix download faculty dorm resident status.
  • Tweak attendance update layout (alignment and word breaks).
  • Fix Date select confused with min/max ranges in that span 2 or less years.
  • New position 'Vice Principal' (as opposed to 'Academic Vice-principal' and 'Student Life Vice-principal').
  • New school term editor.
    Create/delete school terms
    Change school term labels
    Change school term start and end dates
  • New school session editor.
    Create/delete school session
    Change school session labels
    Add/remove terms from sessions
    Update Schedule Changes cutoff date
    Update Drop Class cutoff date.
  • SKLN
    Encode HTML characters (&) in the address lines so the Holy SDS system won't calf (again).
    Fix losing list context (next/prev buttons) when student SKLN information is edited.
    Fix losing list context (next/prev buttons) when staff SKLN information is edited.
    Fix course import failing for courses outside of eff_date range.
    Fix Data Requisition staff age slots out by one row.
    New 'snapshot' feature in September Statistical Report - capture student SKLN data changes.
  • SIRS_conversion - capture contact email addresses.

2011-09-19 v0.89e Bow ties are Cool!
  • Fix class editor couldn't change instructor name.
  • Added edit tool link to student status.
  • New pop up display student status change dates (if there's more than one).
  • New Locker Assignments report.
    Student locker assignments.
    Students without lockers.
    Plugin hooks (dorm status).
  • SKLN
    Fix more grade level mismatches checking enrolment ( 9 <-> 09 ).
    Fix meta classes not being filtered out of enrolment error check.
    Default skln birth date to student birth date if the skln birth date is missing.
    Highlight SKLN missing data on the student info tab.
    Automatically reset student SKLN access expiry date, when access is obviously allowed.
    Split School Enrolment Report errors into student school enrolment and student course enrolment.
    New School Enrolment Report check box to include course enrolment corrections.
    New delete icon on completed report (school validation or enrolment) lines to delete old reports.

2011-09-14 v0.89d Bow ties are Cool!
  • Fix broken dorm attendance report if view doesn't have direct access to studentinfo (dorm deans).
  • Fix broken reason unknown attendance report if view doesn't have direct access to studentinfo (dorm deans).
  • Fix context access to sections doesn't set current URL variables correctly.
  • SKLN student edit
    Don't show inter-division options if the school has no inter-divisions.
    Enable previous country entry when the enrolment type is exchange.
    Fix birth date mismatch warning.
    Fix mark import fails the first time and has to be repeated.
    Fix mark import doesn't import the correct credit value.

2011-09-13 v0.89c Bow ties are Cool!
  • Fix class schedule matrix (classes scheduled all year).
  • SKLN
    Fix SKLN problems with grade level translation 9 <-> 09.
    Fix grade 9s being excluded from school reports.
    Encode HTML characters (&) in the TermInfo Description so the Holy SDS system won't calf.
    Fix error code not initialized when a cached result is retrieved.
    Store negative error codes.

2011-09-10 v0.89b Bow ties are Cool!
  • Fix endless loop in class schedule matrix (unscheduled classes).
  • Handle 'sparse' schedules better (no days scheduled).
    Fix class schedule missing cells.
    Fix class edit not accepting non-scheduled cells.

2011-09-09 v0.89 Bow ties are Cool!
  • Fix can't create new dorm room without defining dorm groups first.
  • Fix schedule report double counting/listing dorm residents.
  • Fix staff download missing house names (and possibly other download fields, staff and students alike).
  • New position 'Adjunct'.
  • SKLN
    Fix student enrol broken (missing dorm check function).
    Fix last SKLN submission date showing wrong timestamp.
    Clean up Enrolment History tab - sort schools by reverse entry date.
    dumpbase expanded to include SKLN course names.

2011-09-08 v0.88 To much time on my hands
  • Fix schedules not showing for pre-registered status students (if they have them).
  • Fix 'drop all classes' broken on student status change.
  • New block editing tools for the school year schedule.
    Create a new time block.
    Change time block label, start and end times.
    Delete time block.

2011-09-07 v0.87 Gift of the Kohlrabi
  • Fix export dorm status, class room name/number.
  • Reduce default class export format to simply student name, no and class name/sect.
  • Fix SKLN new enrolment button disabled.
  • New position Administrative Assistant.
  • Modest updates to School year tool.
    Interactive school label/comment/scheduled updates (no more save button).
  • SIRS conversion updates.
    Split dorm/residence codes from main conversion.
    New SKLN data dump tool.
    Use SKLN data dump info to build inter-division checks, SKLN school lists, course grade references.
    More audit cleansing of data initialized by the data dump.

2011-09-05 v0.86 Bean Bags
  • Class info
    Fix class export not including reporting contact information.
    Added teacher names to classinfo schedule (if access is allowed).
    Remove class/course no from class info for all views but admin.
    Clean up transfer class edit.
    Directly edit class schedule without having to go to the master board.
  • Student info
    Display date of status change next to student status.
    Quick Enrol now works - Any student past or pre-registered can be made current at a click of a button.
  • New 'skip Pre-Registered status' checkbox added to enter student.
  • Added body icons to student/staff contacts. Changed contact display name format to title first last.
  • Fix SKLN unmapped current courses being counted as a course history error.
  • Update SKLN Teachers report to include certificate # and expiry dates.

2011-08-31 v0.85 Copa Banana
  • Fix forms missing accept-charset="UTF-8".
  • Fix reports_by_session() - don't use overlapping sessions.
  • Fix Mark Entry Status - don't use overlapping session class lists.
  • Fix student advancement - school year query not referenced to schedyear.
  • Fix school years with scheduled sessions, but no scheduled classes getting confused.
  • Fix staff with no scheduled teaching years, or active position coming up blank.
  • Fix position codes missing in edit body position tool.
  • Fix can't edit lockers because current locker is already exists.
  • Fix schedcourseclass counter index gets reset by audit file - keep getting indexes until a free one is found.
  • Fix incomplete classes showing a credit value on transcripts and progress reports.
  • Fix pdf student schedule classes spanning many days (sessions) was cropped at the day width, not the total scheduled width.
  • Fix moodle sync.
  • Fix master board class shedule not looking up room numbers.
  • Fix master board schedule changes only cleared schedule caches when a 'new' class changed.
  • Fix new scheduled class didn't save scheduled periods/teacher/room the first time.
  • Fix attendance entry using broken school year record definition.
  • Fix staff school years not adjusted by position start/end dates.
  • Fix students with no scheduled school years could not be opened.
  • New change scheduled course. The actual course assigned, not just the schedule.
  • New allow 2 instructors per class.
    Merge/Split button to schedule both instructors in a single shared schedule, or separate schedules.
  • New allow updating the school year start/end dates.
  • SIRS conversion tweaks.
    Auto create missing course id based on grade appropriate best course name match.
    Auto create missing class based on scheduled school year appropriate best class name match.
    Set auto created class (possible) credit value according to marks history.

2011-08-22 v0.84 Mushy Mashed Potatoes
  • Fix metaclasses not being stripped in student/faculty schedules.
  • Fix missing Lockers and period count not getting reset in schedule reports.
  • Refactor cache and file modules.
    More cache generic methods, not tied so closely to files.
    Cache clear 'like' cache names.
    New session methods to access cache directly.
    New session methods to access files directly (without using cache).
    Session cleanup 'cleaned up'.
  • Master board course changes now clear all affected cached schedules.
  • Redefine 'rooms' into a code and a label (number).
  • New dumpbase command line tool.
    Dump relevant codes - Religious affiliation, country, region, city, school and room.
    Integrate those codes into conversion so the most 'up to date' code list can be automatically initialized.
    parse audit log entries looking for code changes.

2011-08-17 v0.83 Cerebral Celery
  • When creating a new masterboard class default the type based on past usage.
  • Fix master board meta class editor.
    Create sub classes when a meta class is created.
    Highlight meta classes.
    Edit sub class time schedules.
  • New master board course editor 'Drop Enrolments' button.
  • New master board save button - Change school year label and unscheduled status (crude but it works).
  • New add role 'student' - crude but it works.
  • Create new course/class button - crude and dangerous (but it works).
    Option to a create metaclass - even more dangerous.

2011-08-15 v0.82 Limp Lettuce
  • New delete button on master board course list.
  • New course requests listed on student schedule edit tool.
    course requests that haven't been filled are warning colour (orange).
  • Highlight student course requests - disabled for scheduled requests.
  • New highlights for school year.
    Orange highlight for unscheduled year.
    Gray highlight for past school years (2 weeks past end of school year date).
  • Fix 'Unscheduled School Year' access restrictions.
  • Fix school year change popup (toolbar theme).
  • Fix showing teacher names on class drop down name when there's no access to teacher names.
  • Fix Teachers with a scheduled school year but no faculty pos, not allowing homeroom edit.
  • Fix Future dated positions showing as 'previous' positions (and ignored).
  • Fix locker number search not sorted properly.
  • Fix dorm room search not sorted properly.
  • Fix previous schools that were inadvertently deleted.

2011-08-13 v0.80 Soylent Green
  • More updates to Auto Schedule.
    Fixed bug where schedule conflict wouldn't resolve if the class was empty.
    Conflicts are resolved with preference to rooms with space (mostly, could be better).
    Fixed gender checking classes that have gender restrictions.
    Cleaned up formatting and display.
    Drop down lists of students with various scheduling errors for quick review.
    Formatted Class lists (over filled, no capacity) into nice sorted tables.
    Easy click links off class lists - edit class or view class.
  • New 'Unscheduled School Year' access restriction - keep students out of schedules before they're ready.
  • Fix broken group by filters.
  • Fix SKLN missing withdrawn_student_id_list_by_schedyear() function.
  • new functions for the Stor_mysql module: createTempTable() and flushTempTable().
  • Fix missing buttons on address change (change of address or correction prompt).

2011-08-12 v0.79 Couscous Cachew Mrs Robinson
  • New Master Board Auto Schedule.
    Auto schedule student schedules.
    Delete all student schedules.
    Count up schedule errors and conflicts.
  • Fix term end report using broken school years.
  • Fix dorm plugin using broken session to school year query.
  • New position 'Development Consultant'.

2011-08-11 v0.78 Falafel, just falafel
  • New 'Preload' button for master board class schedule.
    Copy class schedules from previous year - blocks, teachers, rooms
  • Fix broken home room edit.
  • Fix SKLN sql error.
  • Fix class schedule search list formats screwy (I think).
  • Fix add dorm status.
  • Change wording and arrangement of contact relations.

2011-08-10 v0.77 Chick Pea Angst
  • New data structure schedyear table to provide a layer between the school year and the schedule.
    Change the world to make it work :(
    Split lockers, course requests and dorms from 'schedule' and tie them to 'school year'.
    Dorms fixed and working (I think), Lockers broken and not working.
    drop tables schoolsession, schoolterm, schooldays, schoolday and schoolblock (covered by schedsess, schedterm, scheddays, schedday and schedblock)
  • New Class Schedules tool (master board).
    List all classes/schedules/staff/rooms
    Edit Section name, class type, exam date, marking scale, capacity and overflow
    Edit class teacher/room - search box for teachers and rooms - limited by school year
    Edit class scheduled time periods - automatic block counting, automatic session setting (S1, S2 or S1&2)
    NO SAFETY CHECKS - you can do bad things here.
    Temporarily Disabled caching of Faculty schedule, room schedule and course list (so schedule updates aren't masked).
  • New School Year Schedules tool.
    Show year, terms, sessions, days and blocks.
    Very Incomplete, does nothing useful.
  • Fix course requests wouldn't save (delete) if there wasn't at least one course request remaining.
  • Fix photo editor.
    Don't lose track of school year selected.
    Adjust update/replace/delete/copy buttons based on image existence.
    Copy original upload file directly instead of using Image Magick to save it.
  • Search javascript will now reload top page if there's an error (OSA dies).
  • Many tweaks and pokes of the search script to stamp out any un-expected behavior.
  • Fix SIRS conversion (again and again).
    Endless bugs and fixes...

2011-07-28 v0.76 Tofurkey
  • New course request entry tool!
    Enter/update course requests.
    Course entry search boxes.
    Highlight courses with a grade level outside the student's grade level.
    Student prev/next Scroll buttons.
  • Change next/prev student arrows into buttons (with arrows).
  • Changes to the body editor contact tab to distinguish students from contacts.
    Mask tab area with shaded orange when the body type is 'contact'.
    Display a big fat warning message when the body type is 'contact'.
    Added 'of <name>' after the contact relation selector.
  • Change Group by Enrolled Students by Year to count students based on scheduled school year enrolment, not scheduled classes.
  • Change Group by Enrolment Year to find student's first scheduled school year, not date of 'current' status.
  • Change Group by Withdrawn Year to find student's last scheduled school year, not date of withdrawn status.
  • Fix student/faculty list download to adjust school year to match selection year.
  • New download fields 'Student Course Request' and 'Student Course Request (code)'.

2011-07-26 v0.75 Chilli Peppers
  • New access view: Registrar - one step up from office, one step down from vp.
  • New relation type agent/client
  • New Grade Advancement added to term end report.
    Advance grade 12s to graduated (alumni).
    Advance pre-registered to enrolled.
    Advance all other grades to their next grade level.
  • Added term end report student/class list pop ups to show students with final marks entered as NA.
  • Fix audit classes showing up as active classes for withdrawn/history students.
  • Fix date selector (calendar) getting scroll bars when the browser page is zoomed.
  • Fix withdrawal/history status change effective date selector not working if there are also currently enrolled classes.

2011-07-20 v0.74 Rainbows, Unicodes and other Voodoo
  • New search by student number, telephone, address or postal code.
  • New unlisted flags - name change, address change, contact relation.
    unlisted name changes don't turn up in name searches, don't show on profile (without access).
    unlisted contact relations don't show in contact list (without access).
  • New room schedule.
  • New Locker groups.
    Allow staff locker assignments.
  • New Class Enrollment Report 'Gone but Active' - students who have been withdrawn but still have active class enrollments.
  • New edit Profile Photo (upload photo, auto create thumb/stamp formats, make default).
  • New edit contact information (telephone, fax, email, etc).
  • New edit contact relation (Mother, Father, cousin, etc).
    Check Matching names and addresses of existing contacts.
    Merge duplicate contacts into a single contact entry, joining all relations.
  • New edit contact priority/reporting (Primary, Alternate, receives report cards, etc).
  • New 'New People' configuration menu item.
    New Student tool.
    New Faculty/Staff tool.
    New Contact tool.
  • New edit other schools (add/update/delete).
  • Convert dorm information to full plugin.
    New Dorm navigation area.
    Move Dorm Attendance report to Dorm navigation reports.
    New Room Assignments report.
    New Dorm room/group config tool.
  • Allow plugin icons in group by selections.
  • Modal windows (requesters) can now be dragged to a different placement on the page.
  • Change design of student schedule to show all school year sessions, not just used sessions.
  • Added action icons (download/photo/attendance) to body lists (Student/Faculty-Staff List) in the case of a single body found in the group.
  • Simplified class attendance summary tab using Icons instead of text.
  • Fixes for address update.
    Check for the same existing address, prompt to reuse.
    Check for other bodies affected by any address change.
    Allow missing characters from postal/telephone entries, with a warning.
  • Fix 08/09 and 09/10 school year period blocks shifted in schedule.
  • Fix grade entry report ignoring complete/incomplete classes.
  • Fix division by zero error in schedule print (empty schedule).
  • Fix schedule print only printing used sessions.
  • Fix individual faculty schedule showing only currently enrolled students.
  • Fix classinfo not showing correct picture for student year.
  • Fix photo load cropping of stamps (smallest photo).
  • Remove automatic 'discretionary mark' checkbox logic.
  • Enable end to end utf8 encoding.
    Enable utf8 encoding on mysql database connections.
    Enable utf8 character sets on mysql database columns (that need them).
    Set UTF-8 charset in html headers.
    Enable UTF-8 on CGI parameter inputs.
    Enable UTF-8 on file handles.
    Enable UTF-8 on language module.
  • SIRS conversion.
    Auto create 'next' school year and sessions.
    Convert pregistered students into 'next' year
    Enable UTF-8 in SIRS backup file dump.
    Enable UTF-8 in SIRS conversion. Auto detect audit file values.
  • SKLN fixes.
    Adjust school program code for students 18+.
    Fix Grade level conversion bug ('09' -> '9').
    Fix Send mark changes past cutoff error.
    Fix ReSend mark option after send errors.
    Fix Mark rounding mismatch in enrollment validation.
    Fix OSA course type update only coded for transfer classes.
    Highlight when SKLN birth date key doesn't match student birth date.
    Display SKLN error message when student lookup fails.

2011-03-02 v0.73a I call Pineapple
  • New 'Discretionary Finals' report.
  • New Locker editor (missing Locker Delete)
    List all defined Lockers, list past/current assigned bodies (students).
    Create new Lockers, Update Locker information, Merge Lockers together.
  • Added unique constraint on schedenroll table to ensure no duplicate schedcourseclass_id,schedstudent_id keys.
    SIRS conversion fix to hunt and destroy duplicate enrollment records.
  • New OSA fix tool to find and fix.
    Non-existent class enrollments.
    Duplicate Enrollments.
    Broken metaclass enrollment errors.
    Misplaced mark entries (invalid report period).
    Dangling marks - not attached to an enrollment record.
    Failed classes with credit errors.
  • Fix missing 'Test Out' enrollment status.
  • Fix term end/mark entry didn't change course credit to zero when failed.
  • Fix classinfo not sorting names as a single list when current/alumni students are combined.
  • Fix SIRS conversion missing work telephone numbers.
  • More logic changes to grade entry.
    ensure that a complete/incomplete status has a final/discretionary mark.
    set/restore credit if enrollment status changes to E, C, I or TO.
    repair broken metaclass enrollments (shouldn't normally happen).
  • Show all semesters in class schedule, not just the used semesters.
  • SKLN - refactor course match code
    New class_id, CourseEndDate fields in SKLN records to isolate SKLN key id from OSA schedule id.
    New code to compare OSA course records against SKLN course history.
    Resend class enrollment if student course enrollment ends in a 56358 (class not found).
    Check OSA class mark changes against SDS mark entry cutoff.
    Fix send events caching returned status results (big bad bug).
    Fix doesn't check class enrollment before sending mark.
    Fix sending mark doesn't initializing error status first.
    Fix shows warning icon instead of cancel icon for dropped classes.
    Fix using wrong report period mark to compare against SKLN (discretionary marks).
    Automatically import other Saskatchewan school ids.
    More checking for OSA send history that doesn't match current SKLN data.
    Don't show course history tab if there's no enrollment/history data (SDS/XML error).
    Don't show XML tab unless superuser or student enrollment error.
    Merge auto fix and auto enrollment buttons into a single, simpler, auto correct button.
    Send mark change if OSA mark changes.
    Switch enrollment (send/withdraw/mark) prompts from icon buttons to word buttons ('cancel', 'send').
    Style SKLN prompts/requesters to match OSA look and feel (title bar, buttons)
  • Session check loaded package name space.
  • Session check loaded package for execute() function.
  • New DateTimeDiffSeconds() function in Datetime module.

2011-02-14 v0.73 I call Pineapple
  • New Term End Update report.
  • New SKLN mark submission.
    Individual marks can be sent by student.
    School Enrollment Validation flags mark changes by grade (bulk send).
  • New Student Class Enrollment Reports.
    Missing Finals - Student Classes with missing final marks
    Complete Fail - Student Completed Classes with failing/missing final marks.
  • Added 'final mark' column to Incomplete, Transfer and Test Out Class Enrollment Reports.
  • Modify Mark Entry Status report to count only currently enrolled (not complete/incomplete).
  • Change wording of classinfo/grade entry column 'Recorded Mark' to 'Last Recorded Mark'.
  • Fix automagic discretionary checkbox to check keyup in mark box instead of waiting for blur event.
  • Fix mark entry to use keyup in mark box/comment instead waiting for blur event to switch change/return buttons.
  • New automagic set class status to complete/incomplete when pass/fail final mark is entered.
  • Modify classinfo/mark entry student lists.
    Current school year classes - split class enrollment status.
    Past school year classes - merge Currently Enrolled and Alumni into one group, no class enrollment splits.
    Show more class enrollment detail (complted, incomplete, etc).
  • Fix class attendance entry - Current students only, current enrollment only.
  • Fix SKLN School Enrollment Validation would send all student enrollments, not just the errors.
  • SIRS conversion.
    Fix contacts with no address related other contacts with no address.
    Fix student current year schedule records pruned (withdrawn) when there may be OSA enrollment links.

2011-02-07 v0.72 Return of the Doughnut King
  • New Country configuration.
  • New Region configuration.
  • New City configuration.
  • New body address editor.
    Autofill/search limit country/region/city
    Create new city/region links
    Check/confirm changes to other bodies using the same address
    Change of address history
  • New school locker editor - not complete.
  • New Student Class Enrollment Reports.
    Incomplete Classes
    Dropped Classes
    Audit Classes
    Transfer Classes
    Test Out Classes
    Excluded Classes
    Withdrawn Classes
  • Change school internal keys to include City key prefix.
  • Fix body locker editor - don't allow entry of invalid locker numbers.
  • Fix missing (new) school codes
  • Fix javascript search didn't reset onblur event.
  • Fix AJAX post response so that sect is set before dropping through.
  • Fix background process data format confused about order of interrupted user id.
  • Fix student class scheduler changing switching classes from locked semesters.
  • SIRS conversion.
    Fix Contact priority conversion
    Fix Prairie Valley community name codes.
    Fix Convert telephone numbers found in contact comments.
    Additional fix checks for unused student records and duplicate enrollment entries.
  • SKLN
    Fix several bugs involving wrong province code.
    Fix student grade field not poplated on 'warnings'.
    Fix ignore duplicate class enrollments.
    Fix student address country code comparisons.
    Fix record modifcation timestamp not checked against SDS sent timestamp.
    Fix out of sync current course enrollment records.
    New 'wait for refresh' prompt when refreshing student information.
    New Separate warning counts from error counts on school enrollment page.
    New next/prev student in enrollment error list.

2011-01-09 v0.71 Who let the dogs out?
  • New aqualung config option 'HostName' to accomodate http proxies.
  • New config option 'SchoolCode' to set the default key for school data
  • New config option 'SchoolMotto' to set the page footnote text
  • Fixed a SIRS conversion bug that was affecting contact priority order.
  • More address structure changes.

2010-12-01 v0.70 No Flu for You
  • New Aqualung base code update v0.17 Don't Stand So Close To Me
    Make AJAX javascript calls refresh page in response to an expired session (instead of silently stop working).
    Tweak search javascript.
    restore original typed text when mouse returns to input box position.
    Add callbacks for onchange and onblur events.
    New FuzzMatch() function added to Utils.
  • Many SIRS_conversion updates to 'generalize' the conversion process.
    Fix DBF scanning script to accurately import DATETIME and TIME values.
    Separate school specific information into a separate config file.
    Get field names and data types directly from the fields table instead of hard coding.
    Much more address relation mapping (city -> region -> country).
    More automatic room name matching
    More automatic session/term identification
  • Fix group by sorting house, country, language, religious affiliation.
  • Fix King George V school code.
  • Show min/max times on attendance entry when 'all day' box is checked.
  • New Count by students/Periods option on the attendance summary (default count by students).
  • New Location configuration (not complete).

2010-11-18 v0.69 80 Mice, Where there's one there's many
  • New Edit Body Name information (student/staff/contact).
    Edit legal and common name (alias). Auto link common name to legal name
    Keep history of legal name changes. Create/Edit/Delete past legal name changes.
    Access controls. Staff legal name change, Student legal name change.
    staff/student name change indicator on profile page.
  • New Edit Body gender/birth/death information (student/staff/contact).
  • New Edit Body Misc information (student/staff/contact).
    Primary/secondary Language.
    Country of origin/Citizenship.
    Religious affiliation.
  • New classinfo attendance tab.
    Summarize attendance by student/report period, with print option.
    Move attendance action icons to attendance tab.
    Shift 'Enter New Absent' link to the right side to avoid confusion with regular class attendance.
  • New attendance 'Summary by Date' report.
    Total absent/late periods by date.
    Selectable filter to count specific absent reasons (defaults to 'Unknown').
    Printable detail page for each date.
    Individual student attendance records can be updated from entries in the detail page.
  • FIX private comments not listed in Dorm attendance report.
  • Add a little padding space between the prev/next body arrows.
  • Added 'age' to student info.

2010-11-02 v0.68 Shazam!
  • Split attendance private comments from regular attendance record.
    New table for private comments keyed by student and date.
    New access control to both view and edit private comments.
  • Change notified description on Absent enter to "Communicated with or contacted Parent/Guardian".
  • New Enter Absent Record(s) for an entire class.
  • New Enter Absent Record(s) for a student list group.
  • New Selection boxes on the Attendance report with set notified and mark Reason Unknown buttons.
  • New plug-in design to allow plug-ins to add their own Context access restrictions.
    Dorm plug-in now has a 'Dorm' access context.
    Dorm deans can view dorm student private attendance comments.
    Dorm deans can view dorm attendance reports.
    Dorm deans can enter/edit dorm student attendance.
  • New Body group by selections.
    When you click a body from the student/faculty lists, the group by selection carries into the info page.
    The info page gets 'prev' and 'next' arrows to walk through each body in the group selection.

2010-10-31 v0.67 Pumpkin Head
  • New report_student_audit command line tool. Display audit records for student attendance update.
  • FIX parent/guardian notified being cleared when attendance is updated from the attendance report.
  • New Luther 'Gold' theme.
  • New Notre Dame 'Red' theme.
  • FIX SKLN school retake marks showing as 'NA'.
  • FIX SKLN summer school retake for mark improvement not matching up.
  • New Configure Meta Classes.
    Allocate Meta class report period marks to real class report periods.
    Automatic delete/populate report period marks when allocation changes.
    Edit Meta class section name.
    Mark entry automatically copies meta class mark to allocated real classes.
  • Bookmark student/faculty list groups so that the page opens at the clicked group.

2010-10-26 v0.66 Calling Elvis
  • New attendance entry tweaks.
    Set from/to period according to currently active (or next) period instead of default 'all day'.
    Selecting a from period automatically defaults the 'to' period to match.
    New 'Private Comments' for nurse/office eyes only.
    New access controls for attendance comments (common and private).
  • NEW attendance comments summary (printable).
  • FIX group by staff position missing.
  • FIX SKLN data requisition report broken by staff grouping changes.

2010-10-24 v0.65 The Hills are Alive! (with the sound of music)
  • New enter attendance by period (block) as well as time.
  • Fix attendance page too dark.
  • Tweak Report card formatting.
    FIX show meta class, not it's sub classes.
    More room for class name.
    Drop font size down for (code-sect).
  • Tweak Transcript - Show meta class sub classes, not the meta class.
  • FIX skln 'wait for processing' pop up was interrupting the process it was supposed to be waiting for.
  • Include Alumni status for counting in withdrawal year group by.
  • Turn off labels and force plain format on the default class export (for Easy Grade Pro).
  • Force plain format on the default SIRS export.
  • NEW filter groups!
    Any groupby group can be 'filtered' by merging any number of groupby results into a single filtered result.
  • New 'Course Name' group by.

2010-10-18 v0.64 74 Mice
  • FIX misc body edit access (birthdate).
  • FIX groupby access limited faculty house(tag), age, religion and dorm.
  • FIX groupby access limited faculty house(tag), age, grade, class load, grad year, previous school, country, language, religion and dorm.
  • Modify Date selector.
    Change month/year (drop)links to form buttons and selectors.
    Tweak the javascript to properly size date selector window and borders (safari).
    Replace 'logarithmic' date selector with a standard +-5 range with an 'other' option to type a year directly.
  • FIX empty classes (all students dropped) showing on teacher schedules.
  • Merge teacher attendance for split classes (same teacher same time).
    All students for the split classes are combined into a single attendance entry page.
  • Student attendance summary by class.
    The student attendance tab now contains a class summary which can be click opened to show per class attendance details.

2010-10-14 v0.63c Sultans Of Swing - Live
  • Add position 'Driver Education Instructor'.
  • SKLN School Enrollment Validation.
    Send tuition and previous country/province info to SDS for existing students too (not just new students).
    Added 'reset' link next to each grade to mark students for resend enrollment corrections.
    List only students requiring corrections.
    FIX redirect after submit trying to go to School Data Validation instead of refreshing Enrollment Validation.
    FIX double submit causing lengthy delays when the validation is submitted.
  • SKLN Data Requisition Report.
    Show missing faculty age as '?'.
    Catch division by zero calculation if part time count is zero.
    Add 'President' and 'Chief Financial Officer' to list of selected positions for personnel report (#2).
  • SKLN Student information edits.
    Require either a Province or Country if the student is a non-Sask resident, regardless of the enrollment code.

2010-10-13 v0.63b Sultans Of Swing - Dance Mix
  • FIX moodle sync removing teachers/students from non-OSA courses.
  • FIX SKLN September Statistical Report not counting foreign students coming from a previous Sask school.
  • FIX misc Ajax warnings (safari)
  • Clean up attendance entry/update layout for Safari.
  • Move teacher attendance entry 'fill' options to the upper right (away from the save cancel icons) and replace it's old position with student count.
  • Date selector year range extended to go farther back in time (larger year steps).
  • New body birthdate update tool.
  • New SKLN Personnel report.

2010-10-11 v0.63 Sultans Of Swing
  • Tweak search input script to call select item hook (if an item is highlighted) on search box blur.
  • SIRS conversion - Check legal guardians of students for Sask Equivalent resident (set tuition type NA).
  • SKLN student tab enhancements.
    Show Equivalent Sask Resident for non-resident students who meet requirements (legal guardian, exchange, etc)
  • SKLN faculty tab enhancements.
    Added qualification (Professional, Probationary, etc), qualification expiry date, employment status (full/part time, part time percentage)
  • SKLN student tab edit enhancements.
    Show legal guardian status next to tution.
    Edit check for empty tutition status.
    Edit check for wrong tution status (based on Sask Res, legal guardian, etc).
    Calculate and save Sask Resident equivalent flag with changes.
  • SKLN faculty tab edit enhancements.
    Edit check for empty qualification.
    Edit check for empty part time percentage when employment status is type part time.
  • New SKLN government reporting.
    Principle's Data Requisition.
    Principal's September Statistical Report.
    List of Teachers Report.
  • Student attendance tab - don't show attendance summary if there are no attendance records.
  • New Student attendance tab print option.
  • New Student attendance comments.
  • New Attendance special dates (no schedule limits).
    Special Attendance Dates aren't checked for class start time or day 1, day 2 etc.
    New 'Attendance Dates' tool in configuration.
    Show exception reason on student/staff schedule tab.
    Pop up warning on class attendance showing exception reason.
  • New Group by Age.
  • New 'Create Role Faculty/Staff' option on body edit to make contact/students into faculty members
  • New 'Moodle Sync' menu item (for those with access) to synchronize OSA users and course enrollments with Moodle.
  • FIX wait alert image not fully loaded (add callback), Javascript alert library.

2010-10-05 v0.62 70 Mice
  • FIX Student dorm status not being counted for appropriate school years.
  • FIX Health comments not shown.
  • FIX force unknown reason attendance report to always switch to current year.
  • FIX attendance update
    Show all attendance records when updating attendance unknown reason reports (not just the empty reasons).
    Show multiple classes for the same period (old dropped classes).
    Don't show 'present' status as disabled (when in fact you can still change the status).
  • FIX teacher attendance entry - don't allow 'set all' to wipe over preset attendance entries.
  • FIX When a class is dropped, automatically change any empty absent reason records to 'dropped class' reason.
  • Pretty up attendance reason abbreviations (Ill).
  • New Attendance Exception Date configuration (not quite done).
  • Added extra blank line between students on dorm attendance report.
  • New 'Student Health Expiry Date' export field.
  • New 'Group by Previous School'.

2010-10-03 v0.61 Lullaby Of London
  • New group by 'Enrolled Students by Year'.
  • Student Attendance Enhancements.
    Popup a warning if the class attendance isn't for today's date.
    Show all student classes (for the day, absent of not) in the update window (listed as 'Present' by default).
    New 'all day' button next to each attendance date to auto fill attendance values for all classes in the day.
    Individual dates in student attendance can be updated directly from the student info page.
    Parent/Guardian Notified comment added to individual student attendance.
    'Enter New Absent Record' added to student attendance to enter past/present/future attendance.
    New 'absent open dates' table to mark special days with non-standard attendance entry.

2010-09-30 v0.60 Where the future is being made today
  • FIX faculty schedule class room not dropping to it's own line.
  • FIX student schedule changes deleting stale records without checking if they exist first (log failures).
  • Limit Dorm attendance results to last 28 days (otherwise switching years can be disastrous).
  • Add an extra blank line between students on attendance printed report.
  • Substitute "Dorm Resident" for the contact information on the attendance printed report.
  • Allow 'Present' attendance status in attendance update (equivalent to delete).
    display attendance line as disabled when attendance status is 'Present'.
  • SKLN Add increment date to faculty pay scale information.
  • SKLN New edit tool update faculty cert number, pay scale and increment date.
  • New data fields health no expiry_date, medical_alerts and allergy_alerts.
  • New health edit tool.

2010-09-28 v0.59 Ruggedly Hansome
  • Moodle plugin changes.
    New moodle_fix command to delete duplicate user ids (name change conversion problems).
    Modify export_users functions to export any OSA user id which is not disabled.
  • Put some space between attendance cancel/save buttons for Steve's fat fingers ;)
  • FIX ESL positions weren't set up as 'STAFF' positions.
  • New print icon on the attendance report.
  • New dorm student attendance report (with print).

2010-09-27 v0.58 Plants vs Zombies
  • More work on attendance report.
    Use tabs. One for parent not notified, and one for parent notifid.
    Sort dates, descending order, show date once instead of every line.
    Use English dates.
    Roll up students into a single line (show first absent class).
    click to edit.
  • FIX set_year_range_popup end date not initialized.
  • FIX student schedule report now says 'Student Schedules' and not 'Student Report Cards'.
  • FIX attendance entry access taken from class export access, not class attendance access.
  • Remove changing mouse icon from attendance entry.
  • Remove timout requirement/bug from student schedule edit.
  • SKLN change order of menu items so reports (most used) come before configuration.
  • SKLN remove timout requirement/bug from map edit.
  • FIX SIRS conversion - add more room codes.

2010-09-21 v0.57 69 Mice
  • New attendance entry page on classinfo.
  • New Student Attendance report (work in progress).
  • Move 'Change Year' popup to default template. New set_year_range_popup() function to set up and handle year changes.
  • Remove class average from class grid print.
  • SKLN limit School Validation/Enrollment reports to current school year.
  • SKLN bump retry attempts from 4 to 5 and double the sleep time between each fail (starting at 5 seconds).
  • Added day of week values to template dateFMT macro.
  • New DateDayOfWeek() function added to Datetime module.
  • New 'guardian_notified' field added to schedabsent table.
  • New 'Student Attendance Entry' access control added to Class Information, Tab: Students.

2010-09-19 v0.56 Mr. President
  • New 'wait' type blocking pop add to the alert.js (pop up with no button). Remove 'OK' button from 'Please wait' type pop ups.
  • SKLN fixes and updates.
    Fix query retry logic. Retry each individual query up to 4 times (not just the entire collection).
    Fix swapped enroll/history error counts.
    Change sent date field from date to datetime.
    Set record mod time deliberately so it doesn't auto update itself after a SIRS backup rebuild (a fix tool to correct existing records).
    Track the status of all class enrollments sent, not just the failures.
    Retry update events as well as queries.
    Remove non-school grades from selection lists.
    Treat failed reports (report crashed) like interrupted reports (don't show results and allow deletion).
    Added Sask Health number to new student enrollment.
  • SKLN split validation and enrollment functions properly.
    Remove auto enroll option from school validation report.
    Show current status of enrollments (students in error) on school enrollment report.

2010-09-17 v0.55 Itchy and Scratchy II
  • More SKLN tweaks and fixes
    Show student current grade and last SKLN send date on student SKLN report
    Highlight errors with send dates, mod dates and current grade (show update enroll button)
    Check student SKLN local data for current grade mis-match, send date less than mod date, or flagged errors and resend enrollment
    School report - check that local student record is good, in addition to enrolled classes
    Don't treat warnings like errors!
    Clear school enrollment and personal caches after an enrollment update
    Clear current course enrollment cache after a course enrollment update

2010-09-16 v0.54 Itchy and Scratchy
  • New extract field 'House Code'.
    This field takes over the old 'House' data field (which was actually the house code). The old 'House' field now returns the full house name.
  • SKLN added search icon to student skln country editor.
  • SKLN better caching of SDS system requests.
    Try 3 times before giving up
    Try only request parts that fail, not the whole request
  • SKLN save last error student course enrollment response. Now there's a clear(er) indication of why it failed.
  • SKLN Fix school report selection choices (personal, history, ernoll) not being used correctly to filter errors.
  • SKLN new 'fix' tool to repair broken records (transmit errors)
  • SKLN send all student enrollments.
    Use reporting contact's mailing address
    Assign school address as temporary mailing address for dorm students

2010-09-14 v0.53 Outstanding!
  • SKLN manual enrollment, returning students and new students.
    Enroll student in correct grade with minimal defaults, enroll classes
    Show status of enrollment error
  • SKLN automatic enrollment, returning students and new students.
    'Auto Enroll' check box to automatically enroll students by grade selection

2010-09-14 v0.52 Little Deuce Coupe
  • SIRS conversion default SKLN tuition type to 'FE' (Foreign Exchange) if enroll type '50' (exchange student).
  • SKLN finished student SKLN info edit tool.
    Selection boxes to choose from accepted SKLN codes
    Dynamic disable/enable choices based on SKLN rules of what is required in different situations
    Edit check to ensure that data entered follows SKLN rules before saving.

2010-09-13 v0.51 Sweating Bullets
  • FIX clicking dates in body position editor would refresh values.
  • FIX Locker dates sorted in order of most recent first.
  • SKLN more data fields for tracking student enrollment.
  • SKLN more code and layout for editing student SKLN data.
  • SIRS conversion:
    Added check for students with Prairie Valley community addresses and default SKLN Inter Divisional status if found

2010-09-12 v0.50 Recycled Air
  • FIX Schedule cutoff date offset using wrong field name.
  • FIX tab height mismatch in different browsers.
  • FIX audit courses showing on report card.
  • Change Class print into a drop down with multiple grid column options.
  • Add Linkblock display class to 'house' link (highlight on mouse over).
  • Add grid print to house info.
  • Add Faculty position start date to current position(s) displayed.
  • New export field Reporting Contact Email.
  • Expanded plugin control to also add individual tabs
    New SKLN tab on studentinfo and staffinfo (very rough)
  • Created hook in student groupby lists for plugins to add there own groupby options.
    New SKLN group by options: 'Enrollment Reason', 'Withdrawal Reason', 'Saskatchewan Resident Indicator', 'Exchange Program' and 'Tuition Status'
  • SKLN New database items and fields added to OSA downaloads (with appropriate access privillege)
    Student SKLN Sask Resident
    Student SKLN Enrollment Code
    Student SKLN Enrollment Desc
    Student SKLN Withdrawal Code
    Student SKLN Withdrawal Desc
    Student SKLN Tuition Code
    Student SKLN Tuition Desc
    Student SKLN Exchange Program Code
    Student SKLN Exchange Program Desc
    Faculty SKLN Educator Cert No
    Faculty SKLN Pay Step
    Faculty SKLN Pay Class
  • SKLN FIX can't delete broken course maps.
  • SKLN new enroll/withdraw student class enrollment.
    Individual student enrollment corrections (enroll or withdraw class from SDS system)
    'Auto Correct Enrollment' link to adjust all of the students classes at once

2010-09-06 v0.49 Raging Rivers
  • SKLN new edit course mapping.
    delete course mappings
    change start/end dates
  • Remove instructor name from class list print for OSA users without access to the instructor name (students).
  • New class grid print on the class info page.

2010-09-05 v0.48 A Maizing
  • NEW 'Groupd by Class Load' in student list.
    takes into account student enrollment in super classes
  • FIX superclasses not counted twice in student progress/transcripts (transcripts need more tweaking).
  • Selectable body type in body editor.
  • Student Schedule editor fixes/enhancements:
    FIX super classes enrolled sub classes, but not the super class itself
    FIX free seats mis-calculated by 1 for student enrolled courses
    Show full classes disabled if available seating limited
    Pop up class info - enrolled students, students who could be rescheduled
    Pop up student course history
  • FIX modal window layering (pop ups on pop ups).
  • FIX more rounding display issues.

2010-09-02 v0.47 Crokinole Champs
  • Remove OS debugging info from download request.
  • Student schedule editor.
    FIX schedule editor run away auto fix (Limit checking combinations and check if a solution is getting closer)
    FIX typos in schedule editor 'Confilcts'
    Display available seats in the course search entry selection
    Don't flag a 'full' class the student is already enrolled in as a conflict
  • FIX student/course search results mis-aligned in Safari.
  • Added new staff positions: 'Sabbatical Leave' and 'On Leave'
  • Added new staff status 'Substitute Teacher'

2010-08-29 v0.46 Run Away!
  • New! Edit locker assignments.
  • Added '?' as wild card option in search boxes. For example find students with name 'ch?ng' or 'ch??ng'
  • Premptive code clean for mark comment escaping.
  • Begin splitting ESL into a plugin - added 'ESL Co-ordinator' position.
  • New position 'Substitute Teacher'.
  • FIX rounding error, changed 'Round half to even' to 'Round half up' (template module too).
  • FIX classinfo showing incorrect state of mark entry access (report period marks apear to be editable when they're not).
  • FIX SKLN: Show the student government number when the SKLN request fails.
  • FIX SKLN: error comparing rounded marks.
  • FIX SKLN: Matching course retakes stops at first match found (not all retakes of the course).
  • SKLN change column order on course mapping lists to match sort order (grade, name, code), misc course mapping cleanup.
  • SKLN Student course history validation allow importing blended mark results.
  • SIRS_convert remove locker assignments when empty school year schedules are removed.

2010-08-24 v0.45 Sunday Papers
  • Fix audit classes being flagged as previously taken (student schedule edit).
  • New tables and code to support 'super classes'.
    A super class is a fictious class made up of multiple regular classes
    Student schedule edit handles the regular classes behind the scenes
  • Minor adjustments to 'seats' display for dupe conflicts (student schedule edit).
  • SIRS_convert more fixes.
    Remove empty student school year schedules and adjust Alumni/History status accordingly
    Hack a 'super class' composed of multiple regular classes

2010-08-20 v0.44 Disco Inferno
  • FIX show available seats for alternate classes with conflicts (schedule editor).
  • FIX students with no classes assigned couldn't be edited for the current school year (schedule editor).
  • New teacher name is an access item on the classinfo page. Students don't get it by default.
  • New table 'bodystudentstatus' to record dates of student status change.
  • New 'Group by Enrollment Year' and 'Group by Withdrawn Year' in student list.
  • 'Group by Current Grade' changed to simply 'Group by Grade'.
    Context of the grade year changes with the Enrollment/Withdrawn year
  • New data export fields: Student Health No, Student Locker No, Student Lock Serial No and Student Lock Combination
  • New Student default export format: Student Locker/Serial
  • SIRS_convert fixes
    Capture student status change dates (years)
    Assign a schedule space for current students (even if they don't have any classes)
    Remove pre-enroll schedule once student goes current
    Hack chapel to enroll default as 'audit' status - no more showing up on transcripts and report cards

2010-08-12 v0.43 Big World
  • New 'schedule fix' algorithm - super fast and tries harder not to randomly shuffle classes.
  • New Schedule limit: Courses With Available Seating
  • New Schedule edit lock sessions (columns) or periods (rows). Locked schedule cells don't allow changes.
    Automatically lock sessions after sched cutoff date
  • New Schedule edit block sessions (columns) or periods (rows). Bocked schedule cells don't allow classes of any kind.
  • Added sched/drop cutoff date/duration fields to schedsess table.
  • New Save Schedule
    Change summary tab showing proposed changes and conflicts, with undo option
    Save confirmation request showing proposed changes and conflicts
    Automatic no penalty 'delete' classes within 2 weeks of start of session
    Automatic change of class status to 'Incomplete' if dropped after drop cutoff
    Transfer attendance and marks switching classes
  • Highlight incomplete classes in schedule with Warning colours.
  • Fix changed new body position save icon from 'create' to 'save' for new entries. Less confusing.
  • Change alert.js to use innerHTML for alert text contents (more formatting options).
  • SIRS_convert patched to convert using the new schedsess layout
    Default sched change cutoff to 2 weeks after start of session
    Default class drop cutoff to 10 weeks after start of session

2010-08-03 v0.42 It's The Humidity
  • FIX row spanning schedule blocks - refactored some common schedule code.
  • FIX room assignments spilling across different class days.
  • New staff status "Term Completed".
  • More enhancements to student/staff schedule print. House (tag group), home room, locker number and advisor (tag teacher).
  • New PDF print for student/staff schedules.
  • New 'Schedules' reporting option. Select groups of students and generate bulk schedule PDFs.
  • New 'Reporting Contact' fields in student export. These are the same contact addresses used on report cards.
  • New TemplateFormat() session function to call template format functions from code.
  • Refactor PDF print code (more generic, less report card centric).
  • More formatting fixes to make HTML report cards more closely match PDF format.

2010-07-28 v0.41 68 Mice
  • Added HTML print option to student/staff schedules.
  • Moved staff edit tool icon up into the tab to match student info.
  • Fix the HTML report card print to more closely match the PDF format.
    changed font style and size to match
    adjusted report card class comments width
    adjusted report card general comments length
  • Used the generic HTML print template in all places that have an HTML print option.
  • Slight colour adjustment of darkest colour in the mono (default) scheme.
    lightened it a wee bit so it's not so close to black

2010-07-27 v0.40 Cornelius
  • Student schedule editor!!! (Doesn't save yet).
  • Three new views added: principal, VP, financial.
  • Added mouse over titles to columns on Configure OSA Access page to identify which checkbox column goes with what view.
  • Clean up student/faculty schedules - evenly space columns.
  • Switch Faculty list 'group by status' from school year indexed ('group by position' is still adjusted by school year).
  • Changed "Left on Good Terms" text to "Left in Good Standing".
  • Turn name search (dynmic search on an input field) into a generic javascript fragment.
  • Moved capacity from courseclass table to schedcourseclass_school table.
  • removed more unused fields from courseclass table.
  • fix studentinfo locker information, day/dorm display, move previous school to right side.
  • SIRS convert capture lockers and lock combinations.
  • SIRS fix historic schedules missing blockslots.
  • SIRS obsolete SIRS_orphan_enrollment tool and replace it with SIRS_fix tool

2010-07-12 v0.39 Missed one, 67 Mice
  • Added output format type to export/download dialog - default xls (spreadsheet)

2010-06-22 v0.38 66 Mice
  • SKLN Emergency fix conversion to account for remove_enrollment (see below)
  • Lots of groundwork for course requirements.
  • Added 'non-school' field to course records to identify courses which have been imported from other systems.
  • Fix report card generated PDF file path.
  • Fix report card showing zero credit for current classes.
  • Fix report card Absence/Lates changed to Absent/Late (stupid SIRS)
  • Fix download selection fields (duplicate Faculty address line1), replaced one with address line2.
  • Fix download (enrollment/grade_entry/student data) faculty fields dependent on class data.
  • Fix mark entry javascript: set focus after error, turn off autocomplete
  • New remove_enrollment tool.
  • SKLN fix missed classexam_id move.
  • SKLN new SIRS_orphan_enrollment tool - report/remove enrollments with no scheduled class.

2010-06-22 v0.37 Big Dog
  • Move classexam_id field from courseclass table to schedcourseclass
    update SIRS conversion to relocate the data, correct audit records
  • New WrapText function in Utils. Splits text to fit a given column width (using a line break)
  • Modify student progress and report cards to split comments into a 110 char width

2010-06-17 v0.36 Walking on Sunshine
  • SKLN many fixes to mark imports.
  • SKLN more correctable errors.
  • SKLN new 'auto fix' tool to apply all 'simple' corrections at one time.
  • SKLN use skln and logo widgets to identify source of data when errors occur.
  • SKLN highlight lines with data errors with pale yellow background.
  • New class edit tool (Can only delete transfer classes so far).
  • New Aqualung module 'PersistentCache' to help manage persitent caching of look data and what not.

2010-06-08 v0.35 Birthday Boy
  • Changed location (address) format to replace the quadrant, apt, house_no and street fields
    with more generic addr_line1 and addr_line2 fields.
  • Added 'rural_ind' flag to location record.
  • Removed address fields from the school table and replaced them with a generic locid.
  • Transcripts/report cards/contact information switched to use new address layout (same appearance)
  • Download fields removed 'apt, house_no and street' data fields and added generic 'line1' and 'line2'
  • Added citizen_code and deceased date to body record
  • Pulled residence flag into a separate table keyed by session id and body id (prep for 'dorm' plugin)
  • Pull out all barcode related code/template/images into a new 'barcode' plugin
    clean up barcode display icons
  • clean up photoview/next/prev/link/unlink icons
  • Created new 'logos' directory in the data upload directory
    (moved current school logos to the new logo directory)
  • Created new mini logo 'widget' icon.
  • Created generic OSA logos to use as default school logos.
  • Modified the logo selection code to search first for a school custom logo before falling back to the default.
  • SIRS_convert patched to convert using the new address layout (reformatted staff addin files)
    Quadrant (if used) is converted to text and stored in address line2
  • SIRS_convert patched to shuffle barcode data into separate plugin tables
  • SIRS convert patched to generate residence records
  • SIRS convert patched to insert citizen_code field (copy of origin_code) and deceaseddate (max date 9999-12-31).
  • Freshened up 'other' school information from SIRS conversion (dozens of new school entries).
  • SKLN added more options to school validation to ignore identy or course history errors.
  • SKLN save postition in school validation report so returning to report returns to same position.
  • SKLN adjust address validation to use new address layout.
  • SKLN created smaller 'widget' icon to identify courses in SKLN but not in OSA.
  • SKLN use new school logo 'widget' to identify courses in OSA but not in SKLN and to identify school course names.
  • SKLN use link icon to identify school courses that aren't linked to SKLN courses.
  • Make student progress grade show/hide 'sticky' so the same grades show or hide for all students during the session.
  • Reduce individual faculty/student list code to a common body_fill_tree() function.
  • Added Photo view to faculty/student list.

2010-05-25 v0.34 Here comes the rain again
  • Two new 'group by's added to student list: Country of origin and Primary Language
  • Break down schedule information into day 1,2 columns
  • Remove schedule CSS definitions from default css sheet, into template used by OSA
  • SKLN identify retake of failed course and adjust student report display instead of flagging an error
    retakes are identified with a warning icon beside both the original failed class and the passed final class

2010-05-18 v0.33
  • Big bug fix: Stop storing file object references
    File objects weren't being destroyed when no longer needed causing locks to persist
    (especially bad for long running batch processes)
  • Background process added new GetProcess() function to retrieve a specfic process id
  • SKLN numerous fixes to school validation report
    Fixed problems with student record look ups (big bug fix)
    Retry student lookups when they fail (up to 3 times)
    Added fuzzy address match option to overlook minor differences (abbreviations, caps and what not)
    Carry report options (grade levels, etc) into the page title
    Added 'refresh' icon to student report so the SKLN cache can be refreshed
    Added several new Sask Schools to the SKLN list of know schools
  • Student Progress display withdrawn classes zero credit value properly

2010-05-16 v0.32 Back in the saddle
  • Added credit field to enrollment record
    (switched transcripts and reports to use enrollment credit)
  • Added credit value to student progress
  • Clean up mark comments on progress page
  • Re-arrange mark entry to use an overlay frame (not a separate page)
    clean up change/cancel notifiers
  • Prevent transcripts and progress reports from blocking the student quicklink
  • more SIRS conversion fixes
  • Replaced SIRS specific grade entry report download dialog with generic dialog
  • Modified download dialog to support add in options (for SIRS export)
  • SKLN Added Standing Granted import
  • SKLN course list page formatting fix
  • SKLN clean up personal/course history OSA consistency checks (prepare for school report)
  • SKLN first cut: all school validation report
  • Sort Transcripts by course grade level (not school grade)
  • Move transfered classes to a separate transfer section in student progress
  • Fix an access bug that ignored school edited access adjustments
  • Fix an access bug in useredit that limited access to superuser
  • Fix pass/fail bug on grade entry
  • Misc Icon changes

2009-09-11 v0.31
  •  ?

2009-04-23 v0.30
  • Added Standing Granted enrollment status
  • New download dialog pop up
  • Save download dialog settings in preferences
  • revised enrollment data report
  • bugfix course list download caching
  • bugfix missing student birthdate/relig/lang data exports

2009-04-21 v0.29
  • save SKLN login account/password in preferences option
  • switch SKLN login accounts
  • bugfix class marks report period column title
  • bugfix conversion pass/fail classes
  • bugfix conversion course/class names (extra spaces)

2009-04-08 v0.28 Takin' Care Of Business
  • more contact converson fixes
  • report card online/printed data useses the same source
  • SKLN course Mapping complete
    new/edit/delete SKLN course
    map/no-report unmapped
    delete mapped
    delete non-reported
  • SKLN import marks - school transfer
  • Users online check
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