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Attendance Entry

You have several options to enter attendance; By class, student or teacher.

Entry by Class

There are two ways to enter attendance by class. Depending on your OSA user access there may the option to enter teacher class attendance and enter office class attendance.

Teacher Class Attendance

To enter teacher class attendance choose a class, and select the attendance tab. Inside the attendance tab, is an icon labeled ‘Enter Attendance’. When you choose this icon, the class attendance entry page will appear. This entry page displays each student's name and picture with the default attendance status set as a question mark. The picture view is particularly helpful when teachers are new, substituting, or at the beginning of the year when students are unfamiliar.

You may change individual student’s attendance by clicking on their picture, or change an entire class by clicking the icons beside ‘Mark All:' in the top right corner. Each click on a student's picture cycles between the various attendance status (absent, late, present).

Attendance for the class will be marked as entered when one or more students attendance has been changed from the default question mark. If all students are present then select the "Mark All: Present" icon in the top right corner and save.

The teacher class attendance will create student attendance records that have no excused reason. Student attendance can be added/changed/removed repeatedly using the teacher class attendance until such time as the office has updated the attendance record. If the office has updated the attendance record then the student will be displayed with the reason for absence and can no longer be changed this way.

Attendance can be changed as far as two weeks back by selecting the date to change from the drop down list at the top of the attendance entry page.

  • Attendance entry for the current date is only available once the class is in session. If the class has not yet begun, a warning will pop up to let you know you will be viewing/changing attendance for a prior date.

Office Class Attendance

To enter an attendance record for a class that has not yet begun choose a class, and select the attendance tab. Inside the attendance tab, is an icon labeled ‘Enter New Absent Record(s)’. When you choose this icon, the class new absent record entry page will appear. This entry page lists the class student names in selection boxes (all students selected by default).

Select a student or students, select an absent reason and select the date and time of the absence.

The absence time can be selected either as all day, or by time or by period. When selecting by time, absent records will be created for any student classes that fall between the start and end times. If the student's expected return time (end time) is less than half the class duration, a 'late' record will be created instead of an 'absent' record.

Entry by Student

To enter by Student, choose the student name from student list or by searching name. Select the student attendance tab. Inside the attendance tab, is an icon labeled ‘Enter New Absent Record(s)’. When you choose this icon, the student new absent record entry page will appear. This entry page is identical to the class new absent record entry page, but applies only to one student (see the Office Class Attendance for more detail).

You can also edit existing student attendance records by selecting any of the existing attendance records listed in the student attendance tab.

Entry by Teacher

To enter by Teacher, choose the teacher name from faculty list or by searching name. Choose applicable class, enter attendance.

Attendance Reports

In the ‘Reporting’ view, under ‘Attendance’ in the menu (depending on your setup), you may see

Reason Unknown Summary by Date Dorm Attendance

Reason Unknown

At the end of the day you will want to clear out your summaries. Choose Reason Unknown. If you have not done so already, enter the reasons for the late/absences as they are reported by parents/guardians/teachers. If you do not call home regarding lates, check each box by each late and choose reason unknown.

  • If the students reside in a dorm with Deans who monitor their attendance, you will check the dorm students absents & lates and choose parent/guardian notified. The dorm deans will have their own views/reports to view all dorm attendance records.

Print off reports by choosing printer icon. This will print a list of the students who were absent with no excuse, complete with primary contact phone number. You can use this to notify parents of unexcused absences. After you have notified parents, you can check each of the absences left in the ‘Reason Unknown’ area and choose ‘parent/guardian notified’. They will remain under the parent/guardian notified tab for easy access the next morning when parents are most likely to call with reasons for absence/lates. You will want to clear that list regularly by checking ‘select all’ and choose reason Unknown.

Summary by Date

At any time you may see a summary by date of students missing and/or late on any given date, by choosing ‘Summary by Date’. It is sorted by reason and Total for that date. Reason columns total student numbers, Total columns indicate periods affected. You may filter by attendance reason. Choosing anything in a row will give you more detail on the report for that date. You will also see a total to date on each column.

Dorm Attendance

Dorm attendance is a summary by date of dorm student lates and absences. Typically Dorm deans will monitor these reports to be able to follow up on with each student. Deans, a nurse, or administrators may also be authorized to enter excuses for dorm students.

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