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Open School Admin is a web based school administration application.

As a parent I wanted closer contact with my child's school. Schedules, homework, exams, all that stuff you never hear about until it's due (or later!). Turns out the school wanted the same thing, only from their point of view, schedules, homework, grading, record keeping. And most importantly, we both wanted to simply hop on a browser (from the platform of our choice) to get at the information.

As a developer, I wanted an easy to use Perl web application development framework so that I could quickly and easily create web applications without re-inventing the web interface over and over again. The puzzle pieces just sort of fell in to place and this is the result.

OSA Phase II begins here.

OSA Road Map

  1. Learn MediaWiki - Check
  2. The Plan... - the big picture (viewed from high earth orbit)
  3. List of features to be completed this phase - todo
  4.  ?

Change Log

Current Release:

2013-08-25 v0.99c Learning to Fly
  • New awards tool.
    Enter/update/merge/delete school awards. List award recipients.
    Award Reference key, Start/End dates, print on transcript flag.
    New Student/Staff/Contact award tab.
    Award public description and private comments.
    Award recipient publish date and private comments.
  • Simplified date/time ranges.
    Attendance entry.
    Special attendance dates.
    Room bookings.
    Added 'future dates' checkbox to attendance summary report.
  • School editor fixes.
    Remove delete button from school editor when the school is the local school.
    New 'University' school type.
    Fix school grade level updates defaulting to current school.


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