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System Description Status
OSA Edit Student Schedule Functionality
  • Mechanics of web page
    Open blocking frame - survive page refresh
    display schedule - merge duplicate cell columns
    dynamic course search
    highlight course drop down lists according to conflicts
  • Limit by current grade
  • Limit full classes (class capacity)
  • Limit by completed courses
  • Calculate course combinations to fit schedule
  • Save schedule changes
    drop/delete removed classes
  • Print Schedule button
  • Student history
    grade average
    course history
  • Limit by prerequisites
  • Flag grade missing grade requirements
    auto fill grade requirements?
SIRS Year end rollover Completed
SIRS stop all student schedule updates in SIRS Completed
Milestone OSA Ready for new school year schedule changes Complete
OSA Attendance Update functionality
  • Office Tools
    Reason Unknown Absent report
    Dorm Attendance report
    Special Attendance date configuration
    Enter new Student attendance record
    Update existing Student attendance records
    Attendance Comments (and private comments)
    Student attendance comment summary
  • Teacher Tools
    Class attendance recording
    Schedule limited entry
    Merged split class attendance
  • Print student attendance button
  • Student per class attendance break down
  • Office Tools
    Enter/update attendance for an entire class
    Enter/update attendance for any group of students
  • Teacher Tools
    Class attendance summary (and print)
SIRS stop all student attendance updates in SIRS
  • Note attendance can no longer be done in SIRS anyway
Milestone OSA Ready for new school year Complete
OSA Edit body (student/staff) Demographics functionality Completed
OSA Create new Students/staff functionality Completed
SIRS stop all entries and updates of students/staff in SIRS Completed
OSA Edit Student Enrollment functionality (withdraw, history, etc) Completed
SIRS stop all Student status updates in SIRS Completed
Milestone No More demographic updates to SIRS Completed
OSA Edit Class Schedule Functionality
  • Create/Update/Edit/Delete classes
    Assign teachers
    Schedule time slots
    Change course/class information

SIRS stop all class schedule updates in SIRS Pending Class Schedule Functionality

Milestone! No updates to SIRS ever again. No more backups, no more lookups, no more data verification, just shut the damn thing off once and for all! Pending

OSA Edit Course Prerequisites Todo
OSA Promote student grade advancement Pending Edit Course Prerequisites
OSA Accept new school year student course requests Pending Edit Course Prerequisites
OSA Create/Edit new school year master board Pending Edit Course Prerequisites
Milestone OSA basic school functionality complete from start of school year to next Pending new school year master board
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